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What if Mitt Romney drops out due to a scandal before the election?

If, before the November elections, Mitt Romney were to be hit with such a big scandal that he would have to drop out, what would happen? I know that plenty of people are not willing to accept Obama, so they'd have to vote for someone else. This could open the door for a Ron Paul run, or perhaps the emergence of a third party (such as the Libertarian Party) into the mainstream.

I think that it would be a good idea for many members of the Liberty Movement to attempt to do some muckraking on Mitt Romney. I don't mean just repeating rumors or attacking him over Bain. I've seen what the neocons do when they see him attacked over such things. It makes them mad at the attackers and they cling to Romney all the more. Every insult or attack makes them love him more and more. No, what I mean is to find something concrete, and raise a huge stink about it all over the Internet, start petitions and get millions of signatures, get the few honest news sources such as Ben Swann to cover it, use the Democrats to help spread it, etc, until it becomes so big that they can't deny it, sweep it under the rug, or even defend it, making it so that Romney would have no choice but to drop out.

Foolproof? Nope. But we've got nothing to lose.

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