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Why I'm Voting for Gary Johnson

I don't know a lot about Gary Johnson. But I know he's likeable enough. I know he bicycled across the country. I know he has a sense of humor. And I don't think he's pure evil.

But I will vote for him in this election for one reason, it's the strongest way to send a message that will be counted.

You see, if you vote in protest for Obama (pure evil), your vote will blend in with the masses. There will be no vote of protest counted.

But a vote for gary johnson, regardless of how good he is, will be the 3rd party run protest vote. And a big rise this year will make it clear WHY the GOP LOST.

After mulling it over in my head, this is the best we can do this year. I don't think it matters as much just how many of Gary Johnsons exact policies we believe in, but I believe in him as a PERSON much more than I trust the piles of human fecal waste Romney and Obama.

I want to hear the NBC news commentator musing "And the huge upswing for Johnson after the GOP battered Ron Paul was a clear reason why they lost yet another election"

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My choice in November is like

My choice in November is like being in Florida when a hurricane hits dead on the end. Obama is telling me to go west, a doomed strategy that would result in me dying on the Gulf coast. Romney is telling me to go east where I would die on the Atlantic coast. Ron Paul is advising us to go due north and Gary Johnson is telling us to go north by northwest. Either one is better than any advice Obama or Romney is giving. Voting for Johnson will , at least, try to stop the bleeding where Obama and Romney simply want to control the outflow of blood. Ron Paul is and has been my first choice. Barring his nomination Gary Johnson is the next best choice. At least he knows how to vote "NO!" which is something the two twins, Obama and Romney, can't manage. Besides, not voting at all, while you may perceive it as something the GOP will notice, will be ignored by the establishment but the third party vote quadrupling WILL be noticed. If the NOTA (none of the above) voters grow to equal 1/3 of the voters we can still save this country from the domestic enemy we face.

I'm not because

The GOP is already starting in on him by trying to remove him from the ballot in Iowa. Johnson will probably get the most votes out of any third party candidate leaving his vote the easiest to take and steal.
The solution to that problem is
1. Don't vote
2. Don't vote for president, but vote for all other places on the ballot
3. Vote for an obscure candidate who will get very few votes in your precinct/county. Like under 10. They won't steal from these candidates because it would be too easy to check for cheating.


Today Iowa said they allowed him on the ballot.

This is HUGE.

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I suspect

I suspect that votes for Johnson simply won't be counted in GOP controlled states. It's been a winning strategy for them so why not keep doing it?