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GOP's 'Titanic' is starting to sink

Liberty Patriots!

Just found this comment on Facebook and want to share with all of you.

Kim Yoblonski

I had a non Ron Paul supporter call me from home yesterday while I was at work. He was watching the RNC floor live on tv. A staunch Republican, who in years past, was active in the party. This is a person well versed in how this process was supposed to go. He called to give witness to me about the way things were being handled on the floor. He was very much disillusioned with his party. They had two boards up..... One for Romney and one for Other. When votes were called from the floor by a states delegation representative, the GOP floor only repeated the votes for Romney. Even he was disgusted by how his party handled this charade.

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#RNCisajoke let's get this trending all across America.

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