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As Maine Goes So Goes The Nation

We all watched as our Maine delegates walked out of the convention. And this is indicative of what is happening with people in the Republican party.

It is also happening in the Democrat party.

Mane and its Governor drew the line in the sand.

There are neo-cons in both parties. And we are done with neo-cons Zionists setting the agenda.

The first person to be rid of is Ben Ginsberg. He was in Maine with cheating Charlie...remember....and there he was again in Tampa. Who do you think came up with those abominable rules?

Ann Romney said about her husband in her speech last night......"He will not fail." She's right ...........because he will do whatever it takes ........lie, cheat, flip flop, steal to succeed!

We can do better!

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Maine Should Give It's Star Away to Puerto Rico

...and link up with Canada. At least the flag won't have to be redesigned. Then, to bring D.C. to its knees, ban lobster sales to the USA.

+ 1

That is why we must teach them a lesson they will never forget -- 3rd place finish and return to the 3rd party status.

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