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Rhode Island Ron Paul Supporter delegate has sign confiscated on RNC floor


Remember this lone Paul supporter from Rhode Island?

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Hey dude with the beannie hat on.

You look like your dead from the neck up. What a turd. Go liberty!! Take over this freakin party.... Are these Romney folk all brainwashed.. don't answer that. I know the answer.

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

His and her actions spoke

His and her actions spoke louder than that one Ron Paul sign ever could.

GOP Soviet censwhoreship at its core.



Ok, everyone, ready to "come into the fold and vote for Mitt" ?

hilarious that that troll who stole his sign doesn't get that her actions bring way more attention to this than one (awesome) guy with a Ron Paul sign.

Keep on supporting totalitarianism Romneyites, and keep doing it on camera,

k, thanks..

how "far" we've come


The guy with the camera just needed to take two steps forward

Damn.... The Romney operative looked scared when he looked at the guy with the camera. He must have gotten a stare down.


I would've lost it.

They would've had to have me forcibly removed if they took my sign. Even if he was holding an Obama sign, it shouldn't matter. He was an elected delegate and he had every right to be there and voice his support for the candidate of his choosing.

They would also be

surgically removing that Romney sign from that guys a** after I got done with him.

Super douche move

Super douche move

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That was a Massengill moment

Those idiots think they are fighting the enemy. I hope they think about that moment while they're eating their own lice in a FEMA camp.