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liberty Crier:GOP Destroys Integrity of National Convention, Flagrantly Cheats Ron Paul Out of Nomination

I am so frustrated and angry with the blatant cheating that went on at the Republican National Convention in Tampa today. I am ashamed of my national party’s actions. I sat openmouthed, flabbergasted, appalled at the actions that they took to shut the liberty folks out.

Look…maybe Ron Paul had no chance to win. Romney had more delegates (though some of those were seated by deception and coercion.) That is not the point now. Do we, as Republicans, have so little respect for others that it is okay to cheat a 30 year Republican Congressman out of a legitimate nomination that he earned? By following the rules, no less?

Is it also okay that we completely ignore the will of the elected delegates who have achieved plurality and submitted nomination papers? Those papers were delivered to Preibus by Iowa’s Lieutenant Governor, Kim Reynolds, the Convention Secretary, over an hour before the call for nomination, the rolling roll call. She claims that it was her job to accept and deliver them, and that anything after that was the will of the Republican National Committee. Therefore, the will of the RNC was to cheat Ron Paul out of a legitimate nomination and to break their own rules.


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Shame, Shame

Everybody knows your name !!

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain