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Leave the RNC with a MASSIVE statement

Dear Daily Paulers, help me get this post up and center.

I think that we've been playing too nice so far.

Tomorrow is our last chance to make a massive impact in front of all the media of the world.

We should in NO WAY leave the convention making an global impact. Today and tomorrow are our chance to make it happen.

No more playing nice.

I had this crazy idea that at prime time tomorrow, all RP delegates should take out a carton mask of Ron Paul and wear it singing "We Are ALL Ron Paul"

It could be something else, but nothing weaker than this.

It can't be anything soft. It has to be such a massive statement that the media worldwide will drool over it. Something so powerful that Ron Pauls name will resonate in every corner of the world.

Time to take this party down and truly start the Rev

It may be a crazy idea, but I think it would be crazier to let it all go down tomorrow without taking this chance. Time to give the media what they've been waiting for, a real show! Time to play the game!

Bump this up! Post it on the home page! Make it happen!

Ron Paul 2012

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I wish the delegates and

I wish the delegates and supporters would sit right in the middle of the convention hall floor (or lay down) and peacefully protest. What's massive about that? Well, it's not but when security starts dragging out people for peacefully protesting, now that's massive. I don't want to see anyone tazed for peacefully protesting. That would be way too massive even for me but if they did something like that, it would be extremely bad for them.

Another idea

The difficult part will be getting the required device into the arena. If that can be worked out then what I have in mind is the following:

Sneak in a bullhorn or other sound amplification device. We'll need to brainstorm what sort of device is small enough to get in but still powerful enough to accomplish the task at hand. Have the person working this device surrounded by all the other Ron Paul delegates and the whole group can tie or chain themselves together and that big MetaPaul Entity can, in turn, be chained or otherwise affixed to a solid, immovable object. The person in the middle will them be free to broadcast any message desired during prime-time hours, drowning out the "USA USA" chant and the rows of supporters surrounding him/her will prevent the goon squad from gaining access to the person doing to talking. The amount of time necessary to remove the chain/binding device and break through the human chain to get to the speaker will be long enough to allow pretty much any desired message to get out.

Perhaps someone can setup a website that exhaustively details all of the fraud perpetrated by the RNC and the State Parties along with an exhaustive list of all crimes, lies and other issues that make readily apparent Romney's true (lack of) character. It can include all of Ben Swann's videos and any other relevant info. Call it GOPCorruption.com or GOPLies.com. Whether or not the "Human Bullhorn" tactic works, delegates can at least sport T-Shirts/Hats/etc. and carry signs displaying the website address and they can make sure it gets seen by the mainstream media's cameras. They can also bring fliers with the website address and distribute to everyone there. We should also send the website URL to Ben Swann, Rachel Maddow and any other sympathetic media persons.

If we can't communicate directly to the viewers because we're being locked out of the process then we will at least have enough time to repeatedly drill a simple website URL into the consciousness of the home viewers.


Jesse wants all of us to be respectful. Now fall in line like good little idiots and obey! (end of sarc)

Formerly rprevolutionist

When Neocons speak play a sound effect

I figure if you get every Ron Paul delegate playing the following sound effect all across the convention floor at the same time when ever a neocon starts to talk and their is quiet in the room it might make a good statement.


If someone tries to make you stop play the following:



Wear Romney buttons etc. etc. then doze off during his speech. That way their audio control won't matter. ...plus the TV cameras always love the shots of folks snoozing. It will look like our delegates already left the building and we can't be accused of being loud and disruptive. lol

the ONE thing i would like to see happen

at the convention are arrests of all of the criminals... THAT would make a HUGE impact that the world would NEVER forget!


When Romney speaks Boo him down

As loud as possible, don't stop until the security hauls you away. The worlds press is there and the GOP wants unity, time to show them what unity really is.

These ideas are futile

There is NO way to overcome the RNC's "propaganda-police-state." They control the visuals(i.e. stage, backdrop, floor seating) and even more importantly, the audio feed (there were virtually NO SOUNDS of protests from the floor yesterday.)

The loosely organized, 1st-time delegates are NO match for these guys; the propaganda machine CAN NOT be overcome. The ONLY hope of changing Americas "perception" has past. Their plan is complete;control the message, and you control the country.

The GOP's playbook: "Just SAY it..."

I agree! I was watching the

I agree! I was watching the 1964 RNC on youtube and I am amazed at how much freedom we lost since then. The delegates were yelling, booing, running around, dressed up in Indian costumes and screaming at the candidates then. Now if anyone makes a noise or even has a Ron Paul sign, they are escorted out.

Go for it!

They don't play by the rules, why should we?

They can stop anything done by a handful of people

What they can't do is stop big organized protests. This has always been the case. When city riots break out, the police don't respond. When illegals had mass protest, the police didn't respond. When college students squatted in cities around the nation, the police didn't respond.

I'm not recommending anything illegal or immoral; that's not Ron Paul's style. But our true power lies in our numbers. But we tried to use those numbers in an ineffective manner. When we went into the GOP system, our numbers were divided by state, then by district, etc. to handfuls of people. And they can handle handfuls of people.

We must stop being buckets of water and unite to become an overwhelming ocean.

Massive protests, productivity strikes, consumer influence/strikes.

Again, all legal and moral.

As a handful of people, the delegates really can't do jack squat but record the bullying and report it to the ocean.

I think we can learn from

I think we can learn from History. It got pretty heated in past RNC's. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SS8JNp86NEQ

Hmm ...

Ron didn't leave ...

If he had that way of thinking he would have quit too a decade ago.

I don't think it's a good idea

You'd be throwing away 5 years of work to start all over. All the gains made in the GOP are solid, built on honesty and hard work. When Mitt goes down in November, the GOP will be a hollow shell. Paul folks have already taken over several states. Keep pushing, no time to let up now.

How do you know they are not

How do you know they are not going to pick another McCain, or Bush somewhere down the road?? I remember back in 08 when McCain was nominated that when he loses to Obama, they would sure pick Ron Paul as nominee in 2012. Didn't happen!

I think after 2 RINOs that can't energize the base,

a new generation of leaders will emerge in the RNC. Could be wishful thinking, but given recent trends, it's not out of the question

a lot more people said

that mitt romney would be the pick after he spent all that money and stepped down giving mccain a clear path to victory.

Please try to spread

Please try to spread this: http://i49.tinypic.com/11imyvc.png

Cheating, lying, stealing, corrupt government officials are doing their best to sabotage a political movement that started from the ground up. That political process in the GOP is now being picked by elites, from top to bottom.

March in front of the stage and turn your backs on Robbney

Hold signs if possible. Disrupt,disrupt,disrupt. The worse they could do is kick you out. Big deal. The message will be out already.


I would add that tape over mouth would add flavor.

Disruptive is the right word

No point holding back

They want us to be quiet and

They want us to be quiet and take their shit. We must do the opposite. That is how it was done in the past and it worked. Turn your backs, boo at Romney, everything.

Feel free to suggest crazy ideas!


The crazy idea is staying in

The crazy idea is staying in the party and continuing to support GOP candidates.

No one has ever said to leave the GOP and never come back. We just need to show a major mass exodus which will cause heads to turn. Should a liberty candidate come into the picture in the next 4-8 years who is worth supporting, then switch back.

Make no mistake... the RNC has taken away your voice. They will instil candidates WHOM THEY PLEASE. You will have candidate Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, Rubio (if eligible) and maybe Condoleza Rice in the next few years because these will be the people they choose. YOU HAVE NO CHOICE.

The GOP only sees numbers. The people who put party over principle WILL take note at thousands of people abandoning the GOP.

THAT is the message we need to send.

Here is my RNC resignation. Where is yours?