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The U.S. Air Force is Officially Seeking Cyber Weapons against U.S. Citizens

Article from Popular Science:
"Look, we all know the Pentagon is seeking cyber weapons. For defensive purposes only, of course, not for playing dirty cyber tricks on enemies of the state (Stuxnet, anyone?). But it's a bit strange when the military does it so openly. For instance, when it submits a request into the public domain saying “please build us cyber weapons.” Which is what the Air Force just did......." Continued.

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I have news for you

The US military is packing 0 day. They are plugged right into the security community and they have guys who know what they're doing. They also have money to buy 0 day from researchers who don't work for them.

This was old news 5 years ago.

Also, computer security research is neither offensive or defensive. It is merely the inquiry into breakdowns in the stack of abstractions that constitute modern computing systems. The same finding can be used for both offensive or defensive purposes.

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