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Video Update: Ron Paul Tribute Video + Rand Paul Speech from RNC

From the RNC Schedule: Tonight around 7pm the Ron Paul tribute video will be aired at the Republican National Convention, followed by a short speech by Rand Paul.

Ron Paul Tribute Video at RNC: (Thanks MGWHAT for the link)


Rand Paul's Speech below:


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The Revolution needs a

The Revolution needs a player, and maybe Rand is that guy... Unfortunately the Age of Reason is dead, we need someone that can convince the zombies to the cause. Reason and logic alone would make any decent human being to vote for Ron Paul just by watching a single debate, but these people need the sentimental crap and the political figure that Rand seems to know how to play.

"When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic." Ben Franklin

Rand gave a very so-so

Rand gave a very so-so speech. Rand is not a particularly good speaker, because he has a rather melotone voice and doesn't let passion become part of his voice. Ron lets his passion bleed into his voice when he speaks. If you want another example of passion, even though most of his positions suck, Paul Ryan fits the bill.

Positives were he touched on cuts to the defense department, talked about not fearing terrorism and sacrificing liberty for security, talked about his dad and went into some stuff about the founding. Negatives were his one-sided attacks against the dems, his support of Mitt, both of which were expected. He also rambled, and spent too much time on Obama's business comment. Also, there was no end the Fed.

Rand was also given a tepid reception to his comments. Most of the convention has totally sucked and had no excitment, so this isn't totally unexpected.

Rand's speech gets a C.

Rand is playing in the big league now

I hope he knows what he's doing, I can see a number of ways that Romney is potentially much worse than Obama. But the election is most likely rigged so maybe it doesn't matter what Rand says and who he persuades to vote for Sh*t Romney. A Sh*t Romney win just means that the elites have decided to go with the Red Team in order to start more wars. After that they will bring in the Blue Team once again to clean up.

Everyone here who thinks Sh*t Romney can't be installed as the next Emperor, you are way too confident in that assumption.

Well, this is me in the UK

Well, this is me in the UK waking up and looking at the 'tribute' video. Way I see it, you make a video like that either because the guy just died, or because the next words you speak are "Ladies and Gentlemwn, please welcome the next President of the United States of America, Ron Paul!" other than that, it's just taunting a man who has already left the building.

I couldn.t bring myself to watch Rand's speech: it should be Ron up there. If they diss Ron, the rest is just tinsel on the Romney tree.

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Now I don't have to comment, that's exactly what I was thinking!:-)

what an f-ing dog and pony show

I am so sick of what has happened in our world. Ron was the last hope. Unless MILLIONS rise up it is going to be a continuing decline into slavery and complete loss of individual freedom. What a sell out.


I think Ron had good reason to set Rand loose when he was


Rand: "Dad. My friends think you are crazy. Your message will never resonate with the GOP."

Ron: "Ok son, you're old enough to move out now. Hit the road!"

Rand: "I'll be back. You'll see!"

I've never cared much for

I've never cared much for Rand's speaking style, but I've always appreciated his intent to speak to the regular GOP rank and file. I honestly don't think it was our people who got him the senate though we likely gave him the seed money. I think it was his rank and file local tea party that put him over the tipping point. I could tell by the way he ran that campaign that he knew he had to appeal to the base...just the kind of zombies you see in the audience here cheering for Mitt half-heartedly...those are the people he had to appeal to to get enough momentum and support to win the senate.

He knows the same goes for his 2016 prez run as well as his other projects. So even though I don't like his grandiose story telling style, he is using the sentimental gimmicks and obligatory Obama baiting to placate those types. In the process he attempts to plant seeds about the budget, the war spending, the entitlements, small business owners and private property, and so forth. I see what he is doing. He isn't talking to me. For me this is all like baby talk -ga ga goo goo. But the GOP need political baby-talk to lure them in. I didn't like hearing him support Mitt, but what harm is done? Rand just played to their need for political baby talk all the while knowing that Mitt is circling the toilet and can't beat Obama. It is obvious to me that Rand is seeding support and his actions will continue to speak for our rights, less gov't and freedom.

I love Ron and I love Rand.

I love Ron and I love Rand. Rand is giving it his best shot. Those "rank and file" run the country, but can easily be shifted in any direction. Remember when 10% of a population believes in something, it will become the belief by the majority. Rand can help get further to that tipping point.

Except, of course, Ron has

Except, of course, Ron has been saying it, in Congress, for 30 years. And the message was out there when the media didn't silence him, and the GOP debates didn't ignore him. They all had the opportunity to say, Listen to Ron. Instead they co-opted Ron Paul-lite for their own purposes, cos they want the Tea Partiers on board.

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Well said...

Well said, Victoria. Seems silly to us but the seeds are there, if you understand his father's message.

Sweet Liberty

I'm in tears...

after viewing this. I can't believe the measures the GOP went to to silence Dr. Paul and here's the consolation prize...FU, GOP! We've already infiltrated and will take over the party!

Mitt Romney 2012!!!

Rand just pulled me off the fence. BO must go!

Glad to see

Rand is doing his job.

I like how people sit here

I like how people sit here and talk trash about Rand as they feed their fat faces and talk **** about the only US Senator we have moving ANY liberty minded items forward in the Senate. Get off your *** and get elected to Senate and have a shot at the Presidency and then talk ****.

A lot of people on here have

A lot of people on here have worked very hard for the liberty movement whether with thier time or money or both. Just because they wont compromise their beliefs like Rand doesnt make them uaeless.

When the gop backstabs rand i hope all you rand sympathizers appologize.

I try to weigh every action that I take in life

and when I see any person trade on his own father and those that supported him, I understand the upset and disappointment.

And many of the people that are "feeding their fat faces" as you say have busted their asses since 2008 rocking this boat forward.

I can't think of one honest Liberty supporter that would publicly endorse Romney no matter what "advantage" they thought it would bring for the future.

Rand could have pushed the Liberty message much further and wider had he not endorsed Romney.

He will be silenced by the RNC after they are done with him.

He walked right into it

Rand won't be silenced by the

Rand won't be silenced by the GOP just like Ron Paul couldn't be silenced by the GOP because of sites like this and the Internet, etc. There are too many other liberty candidates and office holders now. Iowa, Maine, and other states are run by "liberty" and Rand is the highest profile of any of them. There is a 0% chance he will be "silenced". He also didn't betray anyone. Don't be like the drones and believe everything coming out of his mouth. Don't you laugh at those idiots that sit there and buy everything that comes out of Obama's mouth or George W.'s mouth or any other politicians? Don't be one of them. However, deep down, Rand's brand of Bullshit is for our benefit. So support him.

@ 15:54

It looks like he died a little after he made that declaration. Notice the big gulp of uncomfortableness. I think Rand is playing politics and what will really count is how he votes not what he says. The fact that he is playing along with the GOP means he is expecting favors in return. Not the usual DC crap favors like kick backs or favorable rates on his home loan but votes that will push forward the liberty movement.

Sometimes you have to be a little Machiavellian in order to do get what you want. I think Rand Paul just might be the prince. I could be wrong but unfortunately the only thing that can do is wait and see. Only time will tell.

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    evil means lead to evil ends,

    unethical means lead to unethical ends. On the other hand, if one takes care of the means, the ends take care of themselves.

    “Although it was the middle of winter, I finally realized that, within me, summer was inextinguishable.” — Albert Camus

    watching Rand's

    watching Rand's speech...

    looks like a bunch of disinterested zombies. I'm surprised they even know what liberty is.

    “Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
    ― Ron Paul

    WOW. I can't believe some

    WOW. I can't believe some said that was Rand's best speech ever. His loud cry that Mitt Romney is the man to lead our nation really inspired I'm guessing. This is the nail in Rand's political career coffin.

    2Co 3:17 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

    yes mittens, not my dad is the man

    To lead this great.nation
    What a joke

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    Basically, if a guy named Rand Smith gave that speech

    no one would care or listen-it said very little and endorsed romney.
    Nice to have a famous father.

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    Irony at 6:30 where Rand notes how

    the american dream was achieved when his father ran for president of the United states. He fails to mention the Soviet Style way his father was blacklisted by the media and the republican party.
    Bland speech Rand.

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    I don't know if anyone posted this...

    but Lew Rockwell makes a very valid point on his blog...

    the video doesn't mention Ron's anti-war/golden rule stance, which is what MAKES THE MAN. If you don't understand that, you don't understand RP.

    The GOP can crumble.

    "We will get into the tent because we will become the tent." - RP

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    how predictable...

    not a word about foreign policy.

    Yes he did

    In effect he said the GOP should not give the MIC a blank check.


    No. Every sound bite in the video was just a reference to simply "cutting spending", and the non-controversial GOP theme of cutting Taxes & Spending on domestic social programs.

    But the Ron Paul Video said absolutely nothing about ending the Police State, stopping the U.S. Global Empire, stopping all the Wars, bringing our troops home, protecting Human Rights with our actions, challenging the Banking System, or anything about the unconstitutionality and criminality of U.S. Foreign Policy. Those things are not in this video.


    And Rand Paul's speech totally sucked. He's just another go-along, get-along GOP-Establishment huckster.

    There is no Revolution to be found folks.... and certaintly not found here!