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Video Update: Ron Paul Tribute Video + Rand Paul Speech from RNC

From the RNC Schedule: Tonight around 7pm the Ron Paul tribute video will be aired at the Republican National Convention, followed by a short speech by Rand Paul.

Ron Paul Tribute Video at RNC: (Thanks MGWHAT for the link)


Rand Paul's Speech below:


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Rand's speach totally rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so proud of Rand.

Rand wasn't speaking to you. Rand was speaking to people who don't like you and don't care about you, and don't agree with you, and build a police state to eliminate you.. and if you want freedom, then it's going to take someone like Rand to BRIDGE that gap, and it's not going to happen by focusing on the small population of those like you who are not in prison.

That is what Rand is doing. You can't appreciate it, and that's ok, because the liberty that Rand, and Ron and Ron paul REPUBLICANS like me are fighting FOR, is not for you, but for ourselves. You will benefit from our success, but you have nothing to offer us.. you just gives those who hate you a reason to hate us, and we don't need that,, so please run along,,, Johnson's calling you.. help you with your conscience.

Keep badmouthing the

Keep badmouthing the libertarian candidate on a Ron Paul site you are exposing yourself with every post. The bridge wont be gapped that is what people like your are too stupid to understand. the. urrent gop leadership is so far from rand and ron its not funny. i bet you think ryan understands atlas shrugged as well.

I'm exposing myself with purpose

I'm sure Ryan understands Atlas Shrugged far better than you.

Ron Paul is a REPUBLICAN. Like Ron Paul I left the LP and have NO regrets. My only regret is not joining the GOP in 07 when Ron first asked all of us to do that.

Paul Ryan understands Atlas

Paul Ryan understands Atlas alright, he is James Tagert. Paul Ryan talks a good game but it's only talk I would debate him or you on Atlas any day.

What you don't understand, because you are stupid, is that every democracy fails. Ours is failing for the exact same reasons as all fail. The GOP isn't embracing our republic, they laugh in the face of it. They won't make any real cuts - they may keep taxes down (which would help me a lot) but that won't really help the average family or even the family making $200,000. As the currently stand both parties will print so much money they will bankrupt and enslave the average and above average family. This I know, I know this so much better than you it's not even funny.

So you can keep trying to say you are fighting within the GOP blah blah - history is on our side - we will fail under this debt and majority rule bs. We will continue to fall into Tyranny under the boomers cries for more and more safety - history shows this over and over again. Romney's record in MA was so progressive it's not funny. You should keep telling people here to vote for him, eventually they will all ignore you.

Folks like me would rather the Repubic fail NOW under Obama than having 8 yrs of slow fail under Romney. We want the boomers to pay versus our young children. We will win Granger.

I can guarantee you this with complete certainty. My side has greater assets than your side. We are more educated but more important we have the resolve to win. You are an old lady who thinks you are right - that is the basis of your passion, you think you are right. You worked within the system and got on a committee while people like me created wealth. Not everyone here is a college kid, some of us have real capital, real jobs and a real desire to see the flop as they say.

Good luck grandma.

keep it up

you'll be shilling for Romney soon enough

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

What do you mean?

I'm sure you can walk and chew gum at the same time,, that's about all Johnson askes from his supporters,, so hit the streets for Johnson. I encourage you.

Beautiful tribute to Ron Paul

That must have woken a few up, I hope.

And I loved Rand's speach. Thank you Rand! What no teleprompter? You rock! You are a uniter for the right reasons!

God Bless You

So Granger aka rino let ,e

So Granger aka rino let me get this straight his own father and ,other didnt bother to stay in Tampa to hear their son speak but you think it was great. Ron Paul's absence says it all - any parent knows that.

Also to imply Romney would be better than Johnson shows your true colors. You are a Glenn Beck rino you should be reading theblaze.

I don't see what you see

Ron Paul didn't stay to see his tribute either. What does that tell you? It tells me that Ron Paul did not want to start a floor riot and KNEW his son had his back. Rand said Romney once, besides that, Rand stood for his father, showing what compassion, the American dream and integrity are.

Romney is better than GJ on many levels.. Romney has Ron Paul Republicans seated, because we're not running away. GJ doesn't have the committees, offices, he has no one in the seante or congres to back him. He won't win, he won't get 3% of the vote. GJ represents the cowards among us who refused to do what Ron Paul asked ALL of us to do, and mock him, by being no different that the Neocons by co-opting/ stealing his message and even his name.

I don't listen to GB or any MSM tool. It's too bad YOU don't listen to Ron Paul, but rather twist his words to suit yourself.

And don't tell me what to do, I could careless who YOU vote for, what YOU read, or who YOU listen to on MSM. You are NOT with us but against us.

I am not a shill for GJ by

I am not a shill for GJ by any means but saying Romney is better than him shows you are a progressive. I don't see how anyone on this board could agree with your statement.

Ron Paul didn't stay to watch his son, readers can draw their own conclusions as to what that means. Most parents understand my point.

You are correct I am not WITH you I am 100% against you. The same way Galt was against Dagney - but you didn't get that part.

You seem like the GB part of the GOP I am calling it how I see it. Even if passed, which it won't be tell me how Paul Ryan's budget would help DECREASE spending? Just tell me that?

Romney is WAY Better than GJ

There's you go twisting things.. I'm a progressive now..

You know how much I care about anyone on this board agreeing with me? As much as Ron Paul cared about anyone in congress agreeing with him. It would be nice, but that isn't what motivates me. RON PAUL'S MESSAGE is what Motivates me. If that's progressive.. whoa!

You're right I didn't see Galt as against Dagney.

You know how many GB shows I've seen? None. I never bothered to watch one viseo anyone ever put up on GB..NOT INTERESTED.

I like the Ron Paul rEVOLution in the RepubliCAN Party. PERIOD.

It;'s NOT about Romney ir Ryan.. It's about the rEVOLution in the GOP, but you didn't join the GIOP, didn't get a committee seat, didn't become a delegate, didn't do anything Ron Paul asked YOU to do.

I am not a shill for GJ by

deleted double post



I would bet anything

Rand has worked with Ron on this strategy.

If Rand was exactly like Ron, the torch of liberty would wait for another 49 Ron Pauls to get elected to the Senate (not going to happen for a while).

I think Ron has a plan. He propped up a bunch of local leader at his rally (future congress?). Also, he set up Tom Davis to challenge Lindsey Graham for his Senate seat.

This is not something that has no purpose. Our goal is freedom and smaller government, and Rand is an ally in that fight.

Tu ne cede malis.

Candidates for Liberty Webpage:

2016 Liberty Candidate Thread:

Well I think we all hope you

Well I think we all hope you are right but some of us are realists and know a con when we see it. I hope you are right but in my heart I doubt it.

Would be great to see fed audited or at the very least airport security go back to just metal detectors. That should be easy for Rand right?????

Debbie's picture

Of course he is.

Thank you.



cutting military spending and overseas entanglements, lest ye forget.

This movement was just stolen

and cherry-picked by these daft Romney/republican supporters and their establishment... Just like the Tea Party was over the past few years by the neconservative talking heads. To their delight, they now actually have a couple base issues to stand upon to try and take down their greatest enemy, Obama, which basically boils down to some half-baked version of liberty. It's all a bunch of hubris - USA USA USA. Puhleez. Too bad they can't see that their greatest enemy is their own uninformed, closed-minded selves.

Now, to decide how I'll waste my vote this year.......

Rand needs more time to

Rand needs more time to establish a record. Time will tell. I do know one thing though. I wouldn't watch someone screw my father, say nothing, then drop to my knees in front of the man who did it for a second round.

I agree

I do.

Keep your friends close

and your enemies closer

great ,adopt a mafia code

Of behavior

Please subscribe to smaulgld.com

Rand is learning how to dance

with the porcupines.


Rand has my support again after that speech. The best speech he has done to date putting individual liberty over the collective, very Ron Paulish, but with Rand flavoring. I would be beyond proud if that was my son!

And good Ron Paul video, kind of surprised it was aired, though obviously toned down a bunch.

Despite what most of you say,

Despite what most of you say, in a Hillary Clinton vs. Rand Paul 2016 run, you would be voting for Rand.

"One man with courage is a majority." ~ Andrew Jackson

The current GOP will never

The current GOP will never mnominate Rand that is the mitake you are making. The mistake they want you to make.

You sound like Gingrich who

You sound like Gingrich who 'knows' we're all going to vote for Romney. Whether people would vote for Rand or not depends upon what he does the next four years. If he's true to the cause of liberty we'll walk through fire for him as we would his father. If the varnish wears off to reveal yet another Neocon beneath not so much. Funny how some people are still deciding who to vote for this go round but you already know who they're going to vote for in 2016.


if the Libertarian party gathers enough steam by then.

Rand won't be running in

Rand won't be running in 2016. Mitt Romney will be.

2Co 3:17 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

I agree. Rand just bought the silence treatment.

Now that Ron is out of the way, Rand had his moment. RNC will be done with Rand soon too.

Rand will be silenced in the coming years. It's too bad. He could have really made a difference in the outcome of all this.

The RNC knew that.