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The Nation: His Supporters Treated 'Atrociously,' Ron Paul Refuses to Back Romney

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The Nation: His Supporters Treated 'Atrociously,' Ron Paul Refuses to Back Romney

Team Romneycare and the RNC have given the Liberty Movement an enormous gift.

Had they done the adult thing, and simply allowed the process to take place, the result would have been exactly the same. Willard Romneycare would most likely have come out on top. Ron Paul would have been nominated, he would have lost, and Willard would get his taxpayer-funded party.

They would have had the requisite ho-hum "Willard's the nominee" news stories and that would have been it.

But instead, they had to come down on the most active, engaged people in the GOP with a firestorm of corruption, manipulation, and contempt. And now, they've captured the attention of Tea Partiers, conservatives, Democrats, and progressives. And there were OVER A THOUSAND stories written about Ron Paul and the Liberty Movement in the past 48 hours.

They've pissed off a huge block of their base, and the blinders are off.

Thanks, Team Romneycare!

Hugs & Kisses!!!!

Aside from Ann Romney’s assurance that what she has with her husband of forty-three years is a “real marriage,” the only compelling speeches and storylines of the night came from the candidates the Republican Party rejected. Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum and, even more consequentially, the absent Ron Paul.

Paul was not allowed on the RNC stage because, of course, he does not back Mitt Romney. And because he says this his “revolution”—as opposed to Paul Ryan’s retrenchment—is “the future.” [...]

Not that many years ago, coming second in the convention vote might have guaranteed Paul a convention speaking slot.

At this convention, it guaranteed him—and his supporters—treatment so rough that his supporters, the largest dissident block on the floor, openly accused party chair Reince Priebus and his team of “corruption.”

Paul backers had enough delegates and support in the states to have their candidate’s name put in nomination. But that didn’t count in the Priebus party. As the New York Times noted: “Delegates from Nevada tried to nominate Mr. Paul from the floor, submitting petitions from their own state as well as Minnesota, Maine, Iowa, Oregon, Alaska and the Virgin Islands. That should have done the trick: Rules require signatures from just five states. But the party changed the rules on the spot. Henceforth, delegates must gather petitions from eight states.”

But Priebus did not just rewrite the rules of 2012. More ominously, he and the Romney team rewrote the rules of 2016. The party brass engineered a fundamental change in the next nominating process in order to assure that neither Paul—nor anyone else as interesting, or dissenting—will ever again be able to beat the establishment at its own game and win substantial numbers of delegates. The Paul delegates, many Tea Party conservatives and a number of renegade Romney delegates objected, creating the only real drama of the day, and the convention.

Here's my favorite comment on this article, from a contributor called S_Sydness:

After the RNC rule changes, stripping delegate from Ron Paul, and basically turning 2016 into a presidential campaign that none need bother participate in unless we support the Status Quo, I'll be registering as a Democrat and voting Obama.

The entire GOP process from beginning to end was tainted with voter fraud, deception, lies, tricks, and dirty dealing; not from the Paul campaign but bought and paid for by Mitt Romney. Mitt and his gang of crooks, thugs, and aristocratic miscreants; along with the banking cabals pulled no punches and pulled out the stops (actions that would've had the average citizen LOCKED-UP), to secure an undeserved spot for a scumbag who bought the nomination.

After being directly involved and watching all this garbage play out, this long standing Republican has seen the true enemy and his name is Mitt Romney and his gang of corrupt kiss-asses known as the "Grand Old Party". "Blue-Blood" fraud Mitt Romney has made a mockery of the political process and his criminal element "the RNC" are paving the way to an Orwellian disaster like this country has never seen.

I can't stand Obama but the prospect of possibly 8 years with crook and criminal Romney (who stopped at nothing to secure a nomination he doesn't deserve) is far scarier then 4 more with Obama. Heed this warning folks, 4 more with the Dems or possibly 8 with a party that removed your voice from the political process. Yes, as far as the GOP is concerned, "SIT DOWN, SHUT UP, NOMINATE WHO WE WANT OR YOU WILL NOT BE A DELEGATE". Why trade a worse crook for the crook we already have?

The RNC is loosing supporters in droves....., and I'm 1 of 5 in our household who will not support this corrupt party. Next election I'll lean Independent but chances are that I won't even bother. My voice may not matter but the pulling back of my financial support damn sure will. The RNC has committed political suicide all to nominate Richy Rich Romney. They don't need freedom loving American like me, they're looking for mindless slave to do their bidding.

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yes ..

all of this to make mitwit the nominee so that he can lose to obummer and the party will eat itself from within. Effin amazing demonstration of stupidity!

FU RNC bump


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This is a good article and I plan to share it far and wide.

And I agree with the previous commenter. F U RNC!

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.



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