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John Boehner Calls For Point Of Order on House Floor, but Pretends It's Not Allowed at RNC

Someone is running around telling people that it was fine to ignore our points of order because "the House rules don't include points of order". This is just plain ridiculous. Google "house rules point of order". Or go check the C-SPAN archives for things like this video of Joe Barton and other House Republicans raising multiple points of order while Barney Frank has the gavel. Nevermind the surrounding circus (although the exchange that starts around 3:24 is kind of hilarious) and just note that it got recognized. If Barney Frank can recognize a point of order, I think John Boehner can too.


And if you're still not sure, here is John Boehner rising to a point of order in the House, being ignored, and asserting his right by repeating himself and raising his voice until he is recognized:


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Someone needs to edit this all together...

I showed my GF video of the RNC controversy yesterday, and she instantly saw the corruption and began asking some good questions.

A 2.5 minute long compilation of the RNC corruption and Boehner's point of order should be sufficient to wake some people up.

Duly elected MA delegate talks about being relegated to Alternat

& names names of the corrupt ones>

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has destroyed the GOP. He's ignorant and an alkie

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I'm not sure if he is drunk or just delusional.

A joke just the same.

We are entering into uncharted waters.

The Idea is here and is spreading far and wide!


is up for re-election in November, what can we do about this?


he's drunk

he's drunk, wasted, i guess is if i did the things he did i wouldn't be able stand myself either!
get help!!

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
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Points of Order

...are only used at conventions. This event was a Romney Rally. The Republican National Convention was cancelled months ago.


INQUIRY!..." Hypocrites.

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Rules are for the little people

Sheesh, the sooner you get that in your head, the better we'll all be.

I understand that Octavian, but...

this is a "talking points memo" so we know how to respond when the opposition tries to bring up this lie regarding the point of order.

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I apologize,

I was being sarcastic. Didn't come across well :)