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The Johnsonites Versus the Writer-inners

A bunch of people are adamant about voting Gary Johnson, and probably as many people are adamant about writing in Dr. Paul.

Shouldn't we find a way to get together, maybe toss a coin? It's very important that we keep either of the Obamas out of power, but what to do, what do do?

I'm a writer-inner. Is there a way to take a quick poll, or something, to see if we can present a united front against the Obammunists?

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I'm still not 100% decided but...

If it's impact we are looking for both to the parties and the media then voting 3rd party is the way to go. Ross Perot showed the world that we are not all mindless drones and an independent can make a difference at least in what message gets through to voters. Perot exposed the debt problem. Today the message is liberty,economy and peace. If our numbers are big enough Gary may be able to carry on Ron's message into Nov.

How do you send the GOP pigs a message?

You return them to the 3rd party status by voting GJ.

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Trying to get unity among

Trying to get unity among libertarians is like trying to herd cats. Until/unless you have something that entices them all, you will always have them going their own ways.

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