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An Analysis of the Voting Choices for 2012

Here are the total voting options that Americans have for the 2012 election, now that Mitt Romney has been formally nominated as the Republican candidate, by the RNC. And following that are my thoughts regarding each one of these five options.

* Barack Obama;
* Mitt Romney;
* Gary Johnson or one of the other third-party persons;
* Write in Ron Paul's name; or,
* Do not vote at all.

Considering what Ron Paul supporters stand for, it's pretty much a foregone conclusion that such persons will cross Obama off that list of potential choices. With Obama, we've been there, done that; so, we know what we're going to get with him. That narrows it down to the remaining four.

I am a registered Republican and an avid Ron Paul supporter. Ron Paul's general libertarian ideals, message of liberty and valuation of Constitutional principles really resonates with me. I have a serious problem though with voting for Mitt Romney now that he is the Republican nominee. All the cheating, dirty tricks, blatant party rule violations, last minute rule changes and other general disenfranchisement aimed at Ron Paul and his delegates and supporters, by the Republican party, is the antithesis of principled American values and what Ron Paul stands for. As Doug Wead has said, the whole system was biased toward Mitt Romney all along.

Anyone who votes for Romney will, either directly or indirectly, be supporting all those shennanigans that occurred this past year during all the Rebublican caucuses and primaries. And that is on top of the fact that there really isn't a whole lot of difference between Romney and Obama.

The problem is: if Romney wins the 2012 election, then that will reinforce the plethora of dirty deeds the Republican party did to disenfranchse Ron Paul. If it benefits them, then they will do it over and over again. You better believe that they will do that in every election. What we have seen is a window into the mind of the establishment depicting their modus operandi.

So, for that reason among others, I certainly will not be voting for Romney, which would be effectively supporting all that. That narrows the remaining choices above down to the last three, at least for me anyway.

The act of not voting is what some people may intend to do, but that will not accomplish anything, not even a protest statement. So, that narrows the effective protest choices down to either writing in Ron Paul, or voting for some other third party candidate.

Writing in Ron Paul's name is not an effective option for me living in Florida. Someone recently posted, on the Daily Paul, all the state rules related to write-ins. Florida does not register write-ins, as well as many other states, so those are effectively treated as if you never even voted at all. And many other states require write-in candidates to submit a petition of some sort, to be accounted for. And Ron Paul has no intention of doing that, I'm sure. So, that narrows my effective choice down to the Libertarian presidential candidate, Gary Johnson, or some other third party candidate.

Personally, I am strongly inclined to vote for Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, now, as my protest vote. And I am thinking perhaps other Ron Paul supporters should seriously consider it too. I belive Johnson is on the ballot in all 50 states and might be the strongest third-party candidate out there, who is even remotely close to Ron Paul's ideology.

I cringe in my bones that I can't vote for Ron Paul or write in his name. But, even if I could write in his name, I keep thinking that if all the Ron Paul supporters out there focused their efforts on just one third-party candidate instead of voting half a dozen different ways, then it may have more of an impact that way.

Voting in one large block that shows a bigger percentage of the vote, I think would be much more effective that everybody voting in numerous different ways. Imagine a third-party candidate getting a double digit vote at election time, which causes Mitt Romney to lose the election. Now, that would get some attention I believe.

And if Romney loses to Obama because of the RNC shennanigans, then so be it. The Repubicans will have shit in their own proverbial nest; and we are all going to have to wallow in it, as Obama drives our country further downhill.

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Gary Johnson

Even if you do not agree with everything Gary Johnson says I urge you to vote for him. It will show the GOP that if they want to win in 2016 and future elections they will need our support.

Over time we can change the GOP into a party that follows the Constitution and one that truly believes in smaller government.