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Petition to hold VA Officials (Brandon Raub's Kidnappers) Criminally Liable

The Honorable Kenneth T. Cuccinelli, II
Attorney General
Commonwealth of Virginia
900 East Main Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219

Dear Mr. Attorney General:

We the undersigned do hereby demand that you charge and arrest for kidnapping and criminal assault all public officials, local state and federal, involved in the unlawful arrest, detention and commitment of Brandon J. Raub between August 16 and August 23, 2012. Neither the Commonwealth of Virginia nor the United States Government put forth any allegation or legal basis for arresting or detaining Mr. Raub yet they unlawfully held him in custody and forcibly committed him for involuntary mental evaluation. The Commonwealth of Virginia and some of its legal sub-jurisdictions actively participated in a well-coordinated criminal conspiracy with federal officials to kidnap, detain and spirit Mr. Raub into a psychiatric ward against his will, all criminal acts and in direct violation of Mr. Raub’s constitutional rights. These horrific actions are reminiscent of the old Soviet Union and so contemptible that Mr. Jefferson must be turning in his grave.

As the chief law-enforcement officer of the Commonwealth of Virginia, you are compelled to investigate and bring to justice all individuals involved in these criminal acts. Moreover, because it is unambiguously clear that these actions were taken as the direct result of an organized criminal conspiracy among Virginia and federal officials, you also are obliged to bring racketeering charges against all the people involved in the incidents under the “Virginia Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization (RICO) Act.”


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The RNC is Not Resposible

I think the only person who could be held criminally liable is the bus driver (and only if he refused to let the person off the bus).
The old "I was just following orders" is what tyranny relies on.