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Ask President Obama anything on Reddit today at 4:30PM ET


Alexis Ohanian of Reddit teased a "really special AMA" (ask me anything) for today, and he's delivered in spades — President Barack Obama will be answering questions on Reddit for a half-hour today. The AMA begins at 4:30pm ET, and the president says he'll be around to answer questions for about 30 minutes. If you want to get your own question in there, head on over to Reddit now — the AMA thread is open for business.

While this came as a surprise, it's not shocking to see President Obama embrace yet another social media outlet — he's already hosted Google+ hangouts and signed up for both Pinterest and Instagram. Still, with no filter on questions being asked, this is probably the most up-close and personal online interaction with any president ever — though with a flood of traffic that's already brought Reddit to its knees, we wouldn't get our hopes up on getting a question answered.

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