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Ron Paul & The RNC: Where Is The Liberal Media Bias When We Need It?

Tragically, in the midst of all of the abominable cretinism shown by Mitt Romney’s camp and the RNC, the Lions of Liberty editorial team is mired in our everyday jobs and unable to post as much as we’d like. However, one quick thought passed through my mind which I would like to share. For the liberal media, as much as they love to hate the GOP and Ron Paul (despite Ron’s sharing many policy points in common with Democrats), there is a stunning silence stemming from the liberal/main stream media. When I google results about the RNC changing their own rules to spite Ron Paul, spitting in the face of the formerly democratic process they themselves designed, there is nary a mention that I can find on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS or virtually any other major media outlet. Fox News has a small story on it. Brietbart, another (shared). I’m 4 pages deep in my Google search and the only real major political media outlets covering this screwjob are the Daily Beast and the New Yorker. And that is despite the ultimate “love to hate” former Veep, Sarah Palin speaking out against the shameful slight of hand the RNC pulled. To its credit, Esquire has been tracking the story the whole time.

I had honestly thought that this would be a rallying cry for the Democrats and for the liberal media to attack the GOP and the farce that is the Republican National Convention. What better ammunition would be needed than what the GOP has provided? The utter disdain for the honest delegate process. The abhorrent and blatant lies to discredit elected delegates by Mitt Romney and the GOP. The "on the spot" move to amend the rules for nominations, upping it from 5 States needed to 8, that "passed" through a voice vote on the floor of the convention. According to multiple sources, that vote was a strong "Nay" with smatterings of "Ayes" that was gaveled through by Speaker Boehner - a man who is, in the opinion of this writer, the equivalent of a sack of warm pig feces for his actions during this soap opera (not that I was a big fan before either). This should have been the basis for hours of coverage and cackling glee from harpies like Rachel Maddow. But I have heard nary a peep.

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The silence from the media is deafening

Thanks for your post.

Do you now understand??

That there is no left and right?? Are people now beginning to see the evidence for the Duopoly? I hate to be so aggressive, but when are you going to wake up?????

Romney was picked to lose to Obama!! That's it. Why is it so hard to understand that as an RP supporter? The Federal Reserve is the headquarters of the most evil men on the planet. They are in lockstep with the Protocols whether they know it or not. The Republicans and Democrats are the same Party. Why is it so hard to believe? Just as Ben Swann, so recently and thoroughly enlightened, can understand this but so many on this site can't seem to grasp it? The same financial institutions fund both candidates!!! That's all you need to know! Romney and Obama have their campaigns financed by the same bloodsucking Malthusians. This is no longer a conspiracy theory. You would have to be blind and deaf not to see the consequences in action. The Ron Paul Revolution needs a swift kick in the pants.

Take a stand for once in your life, just like the 190 heroes who cast their votes for Ron Paul at the RNC. There should have been a hell of a lot more except for the moral cowards. I give some respect to those that abstained.

If you don't understand that the Democrats and Republicans are the same by now, God help you. It is coming shortly. You will soon learn about it. The bankers are in charge of both and their goal is to rule over you as a Despot. If you fall into line now, you will fall into line later. God bless you that stood with Ron Paul.

John F

Your entire post is 1000% correct.

And to reiterate:

"Take a stand for once in your life, just like the 190 heroes who cast their votes for Ron Paul at the RNC. There should have been a hell of a lot more except for the moral cowards. I give some respect to those that abstained."

Agree, agree and agree!!

If 'aggressive' bothers you, consider this 'tough love'.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Believe it or not, THERE IS ONE...

If any DailyPaul readers are hungry for ANY news coverage that is NOT the MSM's scripted bi-party line, you should go to DemocracyNow! and hear a show or two. Here's a link:

Ive found Democracy Now

To be like NPR in that its 'fair' in the sense of left vs. right, but not in the sense of Statism vs. Liberty. It is firmly statist in that regard.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

It should be named

Republic Now :)

We're not supposed to be a democracy, our founding fathers (as well as Ron Paul) warned us of its dangers

What happened to our people

What happened to our people happens all the time at political conventions. This time it happened to Paul people so his supporters took notice. To the MSM its political business as usually and therefore not news worthy.

Yes, Bob, things LIKE that do happen all the time at those

conventions. However, in all my years, this was worse than the worst I'd ever seen (Chicago 1968). No, our people on the outside did not play into their hands and cause a repeat of 1968 (thankfully!). They used the brains instead of letting their hearts rule their heads.

This past GOP convention was THE ABSOLUTE worse I've seen so far, because of how the Romney camp, in colusion with the RNC neocons, censored our people AND our candidate to the point that there was no trace of the REVOLution for the world to see there. Last minute rules changes, hijacked buses, removal of RP signs, throwing our delegates out of the hall, etc., etc... I do not recall ever seeing such a disgusting display of arrogance combined with agression INSIDE of a convention hall before.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

The only reason

The "left" ever does anything is to advance its cause. In the case of Ron Paul it was to make the GOP look unorganized and stupid. Certainly not to promote or advance liberty!

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

The leftists are not going to

The leftists are not going to talk about the Ron Paul effort, except perhaps, as with Maddow, along with a statement that the RP folks pulled a fast one using the mere technicality that the caucuses choose the delegates. This, they will say or imply, was a sly maneuver. The reason is that they do not want to confuse the brick-headed left-wing followers by letting them know there is an antiwar, anti-NDAA voice on the right, lest they collaborate and interact with the RP movement and wind up getting converted. To preserve the ignorant illusion that they are antiwar and pro-civil-liberties, they generally just join in the corporate media's scornful silence.


I gotta think/hope she'll be doing something on this tonight. She's been good on covering the Ron Paul struggles vs the RNC.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

I certainly hope

That there is a storm brewing. Excuse the Isaac related pun. Obviously, I'll take credit for prodding them to action.