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Should Romney or Obama win, WE have a job to do

We can not win the Presidency in 2012. We lose with either Romney or Obama. So how do we win? How do we take what we have learned and WIN? It's simple. Lets utilize the daily paul to keep the grassroots active for liberty candidates NATIONWIDE. Let's make a hit list of candidates/offices that WE want to take over. Lets keep phoning from home for every race, lets hold money bombs for every candidate, let the Daily Paul become the place where Paulites, Ronulans, etc come to find each other and get active! If we take over the Senate with Liberty candidates, if we replace incumbents in the house with Liberty Candidates, WE STILL WIN! I believe Tom Davis will go after Lindsey Graham, WE HAVE TO WIN THAT RACE. If Ron Paul supports Kurt Bills, so should we. Imagine what that would do for our already successful MN delegation? In Nevada we should replace Harry Reid with one of our own. In Ohio, CLEARLY Boehner needs to be taught a lesson. If we put the energy into these peoples campaigns and we are successful, WE WIN. We can not win every race, but if we flex our muscle, we won't have too.