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Will Coo-Cuccinelli Leave Himself Exposed?

Will The Virginia Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli, Who Covered Up Bare-Breasted Virtus On The Virginia State Seal, Be Left Hanging Out Himself In Need Of A Fig Leaf On The Brandon Raub Case?

When you listen to the man Virginia tried to “disappear” into its psychiatric gulag speak for himself, you realize just how sane and articulate Brandon Raub is. The next Brandon Raub could be anyone of us in the Liberty Movement, which is why it is imperative that we all rally round him to see justice done by holding the local, state and federal officials involved in his kidnapping to account under the same criminal statutes that ordinary citizens would be prosecuted under for committing similar acts.

Indeed, Raub-like "disappearings" are happening across America as local, state and federal officials conspire to twist and distort already-dodgy civil-commitment laws into weapons of mass tyranny the old Soviet Way. According to Raub’s attorney, John Whitehead, in the first three weeks of August alone, 20 people were “disappeared” out of Raub’s home county (Chesterfield County, population 320,000) into the Virginia psychiatric gulag