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Do Something!

Ok so we are all disgusted at the way the RNC has conducted itself. Many of us want to boycott the GOP. Please consider the following before making any decisions:

We put so much pressure on them this time that they could no longer keep their dirty tricks and manipulations hidden. WE EXPOSED THEM thanks to the good people all over the country that refused to back down and held them to their own rules. THIS IS A MAJOR VICTORY.

At the local and state level, our movement has made huge gains this year. We've picked up hundreds of central committee wins and many of our state candidates are winning as well. A result of our diligent work at the grassroots level, we are a serious force to be reckoned with in the GOP now. Our movement is morphing from a vocal minority to a powerful majority in many places. Let's not give up these hard fought gains just because things are getting a little rough at the national level!


You can pick up your marbles and go home, gripe here on the DP, and accomplish nothing. I am sure this is what Reince would like you to do. Instead you can run for office in the GOP, or join the campaign of a Liberty supporter in your area to help them get elected. You can cast blame on others or you can take responsibility yourself and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. This is what RON PAUL WANTS YOU TO DO.

Please believe that the RNC tactics are creating blowback amongst the rank and file. Many in the GOP who support Romney also resent the way the RNC has treated us and they are becoming much more sympathetic to us and our views. If the RNC had instead welcomed us with open arms we would likely still have lost the nomination and we would enjoy far less sympathy from the mainstream Republicans. WE ARE WINNING. DON'T GIVE UP.