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Justin Raimondo: The Platform From Hell

"In response to the well nigh universal jeers that greeted his endorsement of Mitt Romney, Sen. Rand Paul (son of Ron Paul) tried to reassure us: Oh, don’t worry, because the Paulians will have a major influence on the party platform.

How so?

Well, it seems the Republicans want to audit the Federal Reserve — a longtime Paulian hobbyhorse. Yet so do many Democrats — 89 of them voted for it in the House. This hardly means the Fed will be reined in — never mind abolished. Okay, okay, but stop being so narrow-minded! Isn’t half a loaf better than none — and doesn’t this represent progress?

No — not when it is considered in the context of the total platform document, and especially the foreign policy section."


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The RNC is completely corrupt, stage 2 begins

We need to make sure come election day we know all the other races on our ballots, not just president but for every office down the ballot. Many of these people are low profile and it may not be obvious just where there ties are, but we need to show up and vote *against* every Romney Republican on the ballot, nationwide. We can swing a whole bucketload of races, get more liberty people in office, and run a lot of these machine candidates out of office. We'll be replacing them with 'D' branded machine candidates in the short term, which sucks, but it's necessary at this point. That should shift the balance of power enough to have an honest election after another four years, at least.

It's like someone transcribed

It's like someone transcribed my thoughts. I only had to read every other paragraph, just to spell check.

I'll take an audit of the fed

It is the lynchpin to everything else. We must be persistent in explaining to others what it all means...as those in high places will continue to argue for its continued presence in the USA. So an audit must be the first big step in waking people up about how it's a bad deal for most everyone.

End the fed.


I remember hearing a lot: "We can't win the nomination but we could influence the party platform".

The only platform if this party (and that other branch of it) consists of 10 planks.

And that won't change through voting.


...if the Fed is audited (and we KNOW it will be a "softball audit"), then the politicians can argue, "enough already about the Fed - we audited them just like you asked".

Wow, Wow, Wow

Had no idea the horrible things that are still in the GOP Platform... and the wonderful things that got rejected.

Justin has justifiable disgust at the attempt to go along to get along. FABULOUS piece

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!


I thought so, too.