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I think in four years we can have a real libertarian president!

If Romney loses the coming elections EXTREMELY!!! Like, the biggest LOSS ever in republican history!! It will prove you lose when you screw with the true grassroots. AND then we can make it happen in 2016! What you think?

Ps, "United States presidential election of 1964
Lyndon B. Johnson and Hubert Humphrey won 61.1% of the national popular vote, which remains the highest popular-vote percentage over a race with actual opponents."
source: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Biggest_presidential_election_win

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So are you just ignorant to the fact that...

R$ Changed the rules (Past tense) that allow any possiblity of nominating a grassroots candidate?

The grassroots route is now extinct, no matter who the candidate is in 2016. So unless you plan on throwing a Coup, the liberty candidate will do far, far worse in 2016 than Dr. Paul did, no matter our numbers.


Don't give up too easily.

I think that after the debacle at the convention, more and more people are tuning into the fact that the US has been well and truly hi-jacked.
I'm positive that the grass roots will only grow from here on out.

And do what?

You seem to have a problem with basic logic, sir.

With that rule in place, we could have Ron Himself run in 2016, with the full support of 90% of the states' republicans, and still it would be considered "Grassroots" because Prebus picked someone else... And lock their delegates out. ALL of them.

Grassroots is EXTINCT for the GOP, got it? Only violence could overturn that now.


Well, the bar is set higher, that is for sure.

But ain't it likely that we are even more organized by then? And with a higher momentum because of the crisis? Of course there are roadblocks. But there is much hope (possibility) too.

Organized? Behind whom?

Ron was a once in a century, if not once in a millenium kind of man. JFK did not have what Ron has, and his voting record proves it.

We could grow a larger libertarian following in 4 more years to be sure, but uniting them behind one man when Ron Paul has retired is hopeless. Ron set the bar too high and not even his own libertarian Senator son is anywhere close to reaching that bar.

Sadly I'm afraid that in 2016 we'll be fractured without Ron himself. He was the most uniting force in republican history, but the MSM's control over the tiny minds of the vast sheeples has an even more powerful effect somehow.

I'm done crying about it. Clearly it's time to recognize that politics does not hold the answer to our problem.