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Libertarian VP hopeful visits UNC

In a speech Tuesday, Jim Gray, a Libertarian vice-presidential candidate, said the time has come for a third party to occupy the White House.

Gray, who spoke to about 15 attendees in the Student Union, is the running mate of presidential candidate Gary Johnson.

He said a Libertarian presidency would achieve two things: decrease the federal government’s control, and restore civil liberties.

“We are in the mainstream of American political thought today,” Gray said. “We are both financially responsible and socially tolerant. And we’re the only ones that are.”

Gray’s speech focused almost exclusively on drug policy reform.

A longtime advocate of decriminalizing narcotics, Gray, who served as a superior court judge in Orange Country, Calif., has worked in his home state and across the country to end the “war on drugs.”

Gray said he would like to see drugs regulated like wine is now — legal to produce and consume on private property, taxed when sold, and prohibited from sale to minors.


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