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Write-In Dr. Paul

Here is one website that shows the states that are allowed to write-in Dr. Ron Paul for President.


We just need to write his name in. AND if you do not live in a state that allows write-ins fight to put forth those rules in your state. AND contact others in the other states and get them to vote for Dr. Ron Paul.

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The date I see is 2016

What about 2012? Does that mean in Wisconsin writing in Ron Paul will count?

Not complete? Sore Loser Laws?

I keep hearing about states that have "sore loser laws", but I'm not exactly sure how they apply. Do they mean that a candidate can't be on the ballot as an independent if they lost in a primary but write-ins are allowed, or does it mean that write-ins are NOT allowed for that candidate?

I live in Washington state, and I am not sure how this works. Can I write in Ron Paul and have it count, assuming no fraud?

The answer is NO, but "they" will know that we are not going

away. Just by bullying and threatening and intimidation that they perpetrated, they lose because we are a massive amount of people. They have lied to ALL of us and said we were "fringe", "young", "small percentages" that too is nothing but a BIG lie.

Ron Paul 2012!

Correct me if I am wrong

I believe RP has to be looking for a write in win.

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