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Can Gary Johnson change his vice president choice this late?

Can Gary Johnson change his vice president choice this late?

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The Libertarian Party doesn't let the presumptive nominee choose a running mate. We have the delegates do it.

The convention was a few months ago, and it may be too late to change the names on ballots in some states--but I'm not sure. There must be some provision for filling the position if the candidate dies or drops out for some reason, but I'm not sure what it is. Judge Gray is a great candidate, however, and personally more (socially) conservative than Gary, so he's an asset.

What do you think?

Why should he? I don't

Why should he?
I don't believe Ron would accept. I think Ron is ready to retire. Maybe write a couple more books and relax at home.

Formerly rprevolutionist

I'll take a shot...

Because Ron Paul would inject new excitement into the idea of the 3rd party run and make it more legitimate. Gary would get a huge boost. And maybe the Republicans would be scared enough about Romney losing to Obama that they might join us. Gray can step down if Ron Paul is willing to be VP.

Famous Silver Bullets

I've complained before about this hope that somehow a famous rich guy is the answer to the problem if only (insert famous rich guy name here) would endorse Ron Paul (or donate a million dollars).

Well, Ron Paul is definitely more famous now, than he was when we nominated him in 1988, but there's still the problem of getting into the debates, media bias, and all the other crap.

What's more legitimate than having a former Governor run? That beats a mere Member of the House for credibility. We'll see if that gets us any legitimacy. Getting GJ into the debates is key.

Meantime, this is a marathon, not a sprint. We need to take over Congress with anti-statists.

What do you think?

I honestly don't believe Ron

I honestly don't believe Ron would accept.
Ron is ready to retire from politics. I think he might be comfortable in helping Gary behind the scenes though.

Formerly rprevolutionist