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Pledge to write in Ron Paul

The Write In Ron Paul 2012 Campaign is dedicated to letting the GOP leadership and mainstream media know that there is a groundswell of people who refuse to compromise on our values, and that if Ron Paul is not on the ballot in November we will write in his name rather than "take one for the team" by casting a vote for one of the GOP big government puppets.

In addition to keeping a tally of the total pledges made, every pledge signed is instantly emailed to the Chairman of the RNC in your name, as well as a copy sent to the political pundits at CNN, Fox, NBC, ABC, and CBS.


(Can someone please find out about this!)I am game!

Ron Paul only for me!

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Write in votes won't count


Only 10 states will allow write-ins and even those ten chances are good they wont' count them. Paul only received 42,000 write in in 2008. Even with the crappiest candidate ever with Bob Barr the LP candidate had 10 times the number of write in votes.

I wish the Romney/Obama plats would stop pushing this stupid write-in idea. It's not going to send any sort of message to the GOP that what they did to Paul was wrong.

Instead vote for Gary Johnson. The Gary Johnson who Ron Paul said "I couldn't imaging supporting anyone else" when asked about Johnson running for President before Paul was talked into running again this year. Johnson who has the integrity, honesty, and track record of Paul. Governor Johnson who has endorsed Paul twice now in 2008 and 2012.

Write-In is pointless

You guys realize that write-in votes are not counted or revealed unless the candidate is officially registered as a write-in candidate with each state, right? Ron Paul is not registered as a write-in candidate in ANY state, although Illinois is trying. This is why Paul encouraged his supporters to NOT write him in in '08. It's literally pointless. We should have been working on getting Paul registered as a write-in in every state months ago. If you want to protest, vote 3rd party or stay home. It will not get announced if you write him in.