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I don't get it, what's a Revolution without a fight?

I don't get it. Why was this movement called the Ron Paul Revolution? I'm not talking about taking up arms and getting violent, I'm talking about simply fighting for what's just when you are cheated and we all know that RP was cheated. Where were the challenges to the vote fraud early on from the campaign? I kept hearing the same old excuse that we would look like sore losers, well you know what, we looked more like impotent weaklings who let the establishment walk all over us! That is as far from revolutionary as it gets. I was holding out hope that Ron had a few tricks up his sleeve and that this was all a strategy to just be allowed in to the convention with our delegates. Well we got in and our brave delegates worked their asses off to nominate Dr. Paul and the RNC cheated to keep him off. So what did RP or his campaign do to challenge this fraud, nothing! Once again, I don't get it. If you're going to call something a Revolution then fight for God's sake, sue the GOP, declare yourself the winner, do something to show that this movement won't be pushed around! Please Dr. Paul announce that because of the fraud the GOP has committed at the convention that you will now endorse Gary Johnson or try to become his running mate unless they redo the vote and play by their own damn rules!

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The campaign put the brakes on us

too many times and Rand's endorsement certainly didn't help. It's like they didn't want a real revolution. We were supposed to be polite and turn the other cheek to all the cheating.

We had momentum a few times that were all stopped in their tracks by no fault of our own. This wasn't the revolution it could have been.

Teabaggers fight?

Not fighting is how the name "teabagger" was earned.

I agree with you completely,

I agree with you completely, no comment, just a bump.

gold = money
war = health of the state
liberty = prosperity


to those who support Rand and the impossible take over of the Rigged Old Party good luck, but a majority of RP supporters only registered Republican to vote for Dr. Paul. I think you are wasting prescious time money and enthusiasm trying to salvage a brand that frankly is so tarnished that many people on the polital spectrum that don't know they are actually libertarian would never vote for.

Thank you for the good luck

I am armed with the constitution and I intend to use it the way the GOP used the loyalty oath to the GOP on me... I will use the loyalty oath to the constitution on them. I'm FIGHTING and I LOVE IT!