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My Message To Romney's Delegates And Followers - This Is You!

This has been posted before, but bears repeating after the last 2 weeks of injustices that Dr. Paul and the rest of us were subjected to. Specifically starting at the 13:00 minute mark.


The message obviously applies to the Obama sheep as well. If you haven't, the entire 20 minute video is worth watching and applies.

Taken from the novel "The Iron Fist" by Larken Rose.

YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW. Don't b!tch about it afterwards, I voted for Ron Paul.

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This reminds me of the words of Jesus...

Joh 3:19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

Unfortunately, we must have some government, because most humans will not be good and love their neighbor as themselves. But, a little government will ALWAYS turn into much government, because the evil people will stop at nothing to gain power. I have thought through this over and over and have come to the conclusion that there is no answer outside of Jesus Christ.

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html


He gets a thunderous applause yesterday for saying not to give up liberties for the siren song of "safety" then urges us all to support a man who is AT THE CENTER of the liberty seizure movement in America.


"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

More YouTube propeganda

Flight or flight?

Those who are pledgeing to not vote Romney for whatever reason are running away, which is exactly what tptb want them to do.

It is Reaction, and reaction is what sheep do when they hear the howl of the wolf.

Action, in this case, is to not run, but prepare to fight. That is what Ron Paul RepubliCANS are now doing.

Many here absolutely FAIL in understanding and appreciating the golden opportunity Ron Paul has given us in the GOP, despite the GOP (who are doing what they are doing because they are desperate), and when things don't go as they think it should, upset by the lying, cheating, theft, instead of remaining in the ring and FIGHTING, they run away, in a herd. It feels safer to be WITH the group, giving excuses, and knocking down those who remain in the FIGHT with cliches.

Those who remain are well aware that we not only signed loyalty oaths to the GOP, but we signed loyalty oaths to the constitution, thus, we are armed with the Constitution.

When we return to our committees, we will hold the GOP accountable to the Constitution. We will remind members of the adoptions the platform made that are in part of Ron Paul's message. We will review every issue, and if it is not constitutionally sound, we will make the case and vote NO. We will remind members, who want to hold us to loyalty oaths to the GOP, that they signed loyalty oaths to the constitution and we will hold them to it.

Many of those national delegates are not going to run away, for vengence is ours. We do not need to lie, cheat, steal, threaten, attack anyone, break bones.. that's not our style. Our style is basing our jobs on our loyalty to the oaths we took, especially to the constitution.

Fortunately for us, it does not take many of us to do this. It just takes understanding Ron Paul's message, upholding the constitution, and holding ourselves and all the members accountable.

I look forward to my next meeting. THANK YOU RON PAUL!!!

I'm sticking with the GOP

so I can support and election liberty delegates to seats and offices. But I will be voting for Gary Johnson this year (I think, still have more research to do. So, I'm still in the party, but there no chance in hell I'll vote for Romney! In fact I'm gonna do everything I can to stop that maniac from taking the presidency!


Let me put it to you this way

The Ron Paul rEVOLution is IN the RepubliCAN Party. We are part of the Liberty movement, but the Liberty movement is NOT part of us.

GJ will return to the GOP once he's done being a red herring for those who are not doing what Ron Paul asked us all to do. We Ron Paul RepubliCANS will be holding Romney to the Constitution, GJ doesn't have committees, officers.. he will lose not even getting 3%.

Obama has NO one holding him to the constitution.

At least Romney-Ryan have adopted some of Ron Paul's agenda, and that's better than the likes of GJ who is stealing it to be a misleader, or Obama who could careless.

We have no need to be loyal

We have no need to be loyal to this disgusting party. And we will go down in flames if Romney is elected, once the economy crashes. The media will crucify us as part of the failed conservative policies of Romney, even if those policies are hardly true conservatism! I am considering voting Obama just to make sure this can't happen.

You don't

I don't agree that the GOP will go down in flames as there are enough Ron paul Republicans in seats to keep it alive and thriving.

Apparently what MSM says is important to you as you admit you are under their influence. They didn't even have to get you to sign a loyalty oath.

Ron paul is NOT going to vote for Obama.

To me, you are a coward.

Who's to say that the GOP from the top down

won't start cleaning house with you and the rest of the Paul/Libertarian republicans by changing rules? It happened to the delegates and it happened to Ron Paul. So please explain to me why you think that once Romney takes office, - or even if he doesn't, TPTB won't start doing some spring cleaning with you guys and replace and/or muzzle you? It wouldn't surprise me if they started HIRING people for those spots if it came down to it.

Sorry you see it as flight, but if that were actually the case, I'd become apathetic again. No, in this case, I CHOOSE TO FIGHT and my opponent is Romney/GOP. Not reaction, but a choice. We definitely don't see eye to eye on this Grang, but I still luv ya.

Answer me this; Why doesn't Dr. Paul endorse Romney? Do you think he'll vote for him in secret?

My committee

My committee's by-laws are registered with the county clerk. That means for us to change our by-laws it has to be voted on in MY committee, which the neocons are outnumbered, so it wouldn't work.

Last committee we voted against the CA GOP State committee recomendations. I'm sure my committee is not alone in having Ron Paul Republicans standing for the constitution.

Ron Paul is not going to endorse anyone. Ron and Rand are our leaders, as Ron Paul decades of experience where many of us are firt timers on the central committees. So many of ther things they say are to clue us in how to proceed.

In the old days, people were invited to be on the committee, so it was "the old boys crony club". Ron Paul invited us in, and so he is telling us, in a general way, as the 50 states all have different laws, how to sustain our seats.

Ron Paul is leaving congress, he can vote for whoever he wants.. those of us who are seated are bound and we do not have that freedom. As more of us take seats, we will fight for that freedom.

Ron Paul Republicans are who you are chosing to fight, but I love yah anyways too.


"My committee's by-laws are registered with the county clerk. That means for us to change our by-laws it has to be voted on in MY committee, which the neocons are outnumbered, so it wouldn't work."

Do you agree that Romney committed several felonies; the subway sandwiches, the foreign contributions, and claiming that he wasn't a Bain employee when in actuality he was?

Do you agree that the GOP broke their OWN rules, and changed them even though they "voted" on them, but the "ayes" were supposedly read off a teleprompter because that's just the way it was going to go regardless of vote?

That the GOP cronies also committed election fraud which is also a felony?

That the GOP proceeded to strip Maine's delegates even with the objection of the state's own Governor? Now remind me again who it is that chooses state delegates? Do you see where I'm going with this?

Now tell me Grang, in ANY of these instances, WHO has been held accountable??? Who ultimately wields the power?

I'll remind you that I also had a false sense of security that was provided by the Constitution and my Bill of Rights. Those were "supposedly" the ultimate laws of the land and "untouchable". And what happened to them??? And you're relying on votes from your committee? Votes which no one higher up than your committee can come in and veto? Or place a "new rule"? If they can't now, they will one way or another. Tell me, where does your committee get it's power/authorization from? Whatever the answer, ultimately, that is what holds your committee's future in their hands.

Yes, and so did Obama by design of tptb

tptb want to end the constitutional USA by eliminating the GOP give us ONE Party to represent the USA at the UN Global Government.

My committees' power comes from being registered with the county and state and the U.S. Constitution.

It wasn't the GOP it was the RNC that striped Maine's delegates and there is a YouTube where a Maine delegates even corrects himself.

This whole process is multi layers.. it's the, just when you think you won the rat race along cames the fat cat game.

I think that until we have the majority in the party, we will see corruption, as this corruption is designed to make people run away, empty the GOP so the ptb can end the duopoly and being the globalopoly.

If we don't fight who will?

I trust Ron Paul, and that's on;ly because if my work as a precinct inspector for LA County registrar's office, my working with Ralph Nader on three campaigns for Indy ballot access and open debates and 16 years as a Libertarian getting GOP candidates.

I only joined the GOP when Ron Paul made his second bid for GOP president. When was that not even two years. I actually got sick when I registered GOP, that is how repulsed I was.. but I KNEW Ron Paul was not going to go Indy (where I have connections for Nader and could help him) or third party) So I joined the GOP and I have a seat, and I intend to do my best with it.

I am not corrupt, and maybe they will kill me, or imprison me being they are corrupt, but I'm willing to go there.

What are you willing to do? Fight me?

"What are you willing to do? Fight me?"

Like I said before, "I" won't HAVE to do any fighting against you. I already told you "WHO" it is you have to worry about. If you're not corrupt, then no, I won't have to fight you.

But you are with them

This election is between Obama and Romney, there is no third party or Indy that will win. Either Obama will remain in office and sell us out to global government, or Romney will win and make the same attempt. The only difference the way I see it, is Obama has no one holding him to the constitution and Romney has to deal with Ron paul Republicans who believe he stole the nomination and will hold him to the constitution.

Obama is an incumbant, so any vote that is not Romney go to the incumbant by default.

What I'm seeing from you is fear, so you are running away and your message to me is that you will not stand with Ron Paul RepubliCANS because you fear the corruption in the GOP.

You're saying you won't have to fight me because the corrption will take me out and you'll let them.

No Grange, you're confusing fear with drawing a line

and taking a stand. You can choose to continue to believe that it is fear, but you would be wrong. What it is, is accepting things AS THEY ARE and coming to terms with the reality that corruption exists. Fear would make a person run away or give up. I am doing neither. I am drawing a line in the sand and stating "NO MORE". I will continue to vote for "Ron Paul Republican/Libertarian candidates, but as for the presidential election, even if you put a gun to my head, I would NOT vote for Romney.

putting a gun to your head is pretty fearful, eh?

I'm glad you made your decision. Enjoy!!!

Tsk, tsk, there you go talking about fear again.

I'm sorry you don't believe it, but I take NO JOY in voting for Obama. If there was another candidate that I thought stood a chance against Romney, I'd surely go that route.

BTW, what's your take on this post:


Just more fear in your opinion?

Speak for yourself. Rand Paul

Speak for yourself. Rand Paul is most certainly not MY leader. Go eat some hay sheep.

I always speak for myself

Ron and Rand Paul are my leaders.

Sheep run. and that's what you are doing bahh bahh bahh

I'm staying and fighting, armed with the constitution.. and I'm happy.

and losing! What do you

and losing! What do you think will happen to our movement once it becomes associated with the Crash under Romney? We must sever ties with this nasty bunch. We can embrace candidates in whatever party that support our views, but not till then.

We are armed with the Constitution


That's what a Romney crash looks like, after all, we are crashing the party.