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Hear Me Out! How Ron Paul Could Create A New Political Party Who's Nominee Could Win In 2016!

Hear me out. This may seem like a farfetched idea, however it does have some clever brilliance behind it that could lead to the utter collapse of the Republican party. Call me a dreamer but I wouldn't mind joining a new political party who's chairman of their national committee was a man named Ron Paul. Boom! A new party where there exists no corruption within one of it's most highest positions of power. Grassroots support for the ideas of liberty are already firmly established in most states thanks to the campaign of Ron Paul.

We all know that he is not going to be our president for the next four years. But he has stated that he will continue to spread the message of liberty moving forward. I know he would be committed for at least eight more years because of the fact that he even chose to run for office in the first place. The media has already glorified his integrity and his incorruptibility so they could never risk attacking him in this regard unless they chose to suffer a similar fate the likes of which CNN is going through with their viewership numbers.

The most important thing, that would have to be done immediately, is convincing Ron Paul himself that this would be the best course of action moving forward if he really cared about promoting liberty. The reason being that - if he could be convinced of this - it is imperative that he make the announcement in the loudest way possible to the public before the elections begin. Ideally, the announcement should be made even before the presidential debates begin.

If this could happen, a national write-in or independent campaign could be orchestrated in order to elect Ron Paul as the "_____" party's nominee for president of the United States. Besides, what loyalties does Ron Paul have to the Republican Party.

In this way, what might be seen as a protest vote could also be seen as an emergence of a new credible political party. While Ron Paul would not win, a showing of 18 or more percent of the popular vote for Ron Paul would demonstrate a huge block of the voting population who have basically chosen a new political affiliation. The Ron Paul supporters would no longer be considered a fringe wing of an existing establishment party but as a viable alternative to a corrupted two-party system.

Also in this way, the Republicans would be forced to blame their shortcomings on their own mistakes because Romney would not win. If they tried to blame Paul for the re-election of Obama, it would only solidify the credibility of a viable third party. The MSM has to cover the two big parties no matter what because they have to maintain their viewership which consists mostly of the voting public. They're both funded by the two main parties so it's in their best interests to get those parties re-elected. But choosing to even cover Ron Paul in anyway would destroy the media. Think about it. The true definition of a snake eating it's own tail. The fall of corruption.

CALL ME A DREAMER. But why fight a system that can be avoided all together. Maybe then, we could actually begin to fight the system that actually affects our country: Our government.

Maybe then we can restore our Constitution. Maybe by 2016 - with the continued and relentless support of a grassroots-based political party - we will have a President who represents the people.

Technology is on our side, at least while we still have internet freedom. Information can still be freely communicated to a massive amount of individuals with such speed and with such frequency that it could rival the likes of the wealthiest organized outlets. I see an opportunity. But one I am only willing to make if Ron Paul himself decides to make this journey.

If this not be his will, than I will do what I must to continue the fight within the system we call the Republican machine.

For Liberty,


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