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Democracy Now! Reports on RNC deception.

Watch. Further expansion of RNC Sham 2012 Video



Published with the permission of "DemocracyNow.org - Sundrumify

Further informations about Ron and topics addressed are available in favourites, play lists on my channel and complementary video responses.

Controversy erupted on the convention floor when a dispute broke out over whether to seat the delegates of presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul of Texas. Part of Maine's delegation stormed off the floor in protest of a decision to strip away half of Paul's delegates. Supportive members of other delegations rose to their feet and hollered their objections, angered by new rules that they say they will make it harder for grassroots candidates to stand a chance in future elections. DemocracyNow.org - producer Deena Guzder was on the scene and filed this report."

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Yes, a disproportionate number of delegates

to offset the disproportionate number of fraudulantly switched votes!

(I'm so angry with the RNC right now that I hope I didn't mess up what I was trying to convey with the above remark. Anger always clouds clear thinking.)

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Front Page!!!

The best coverage of the ron paul situation begins in the second hour of this broadcast.

Front Page Bump

is anybody watching this?

they should be...

best piece i've seen on the subject so far.


it takes Progressives to give an accurate report on this sham.

Thank you Democracy Now ...

Vote Third Party.

Which third party?

Or does it not matter?

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito


DN! has long been my favorite news outlet


All the Paul delegation left and didn't stick around for them to announce Nitt Wit as Nom which was more than half the room.

Keepin' it real.