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I'm voting for Gary Johnson. Here's Why I am. And Why I Think You Should.

1. Ron Paul is no longer a candidate. I wish he still was but he is not.

2. To not vote is what about 40% of Americans do anyway, so that is not sending a message. Sorry Lew Rockwell

3. Voting for Romney is voting for the lesser of the two evils which is what the whole darn system is set up for.

4. Writing Ron Paul's name in won't show up in the results. Let's vote Libertarian and spike the numbers up at least some. Demonstrate that people are waking up and becoming involved.

5. Writing in Ron Paul's name when he is not a candidate looks like the movement was about Ron Paul, and not the cause of liberty. Sorry TMOT.

6. Voting for Romney is a vote for the status quo and rewarding the RNC.

7. Voting for and promoting Gary Johnson allows us to keep ourselves focused on the liberty message: Sound Money, Non-Interventionism, Personal Liberty, etc

8. Voting for Gary Johnson allows us to continue to tell our story to others. We can tell people why we supported Ron Paul and why now we support Gary Johnson.

9. We can still work within the Republican party to change it for the future, however because of their recent actions and their candidate, we will not vote for the Republican in the 2012 Presidential race.

10. Ron Paul was our first choice but we must carry on.

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Virgil Goode


will only run four 4 years so won't spend so much time trying to get reelected. Pro-life. Will follow the constitution. Never prostituted himself to Ron Paul supporters while Ron Paul is running.

The Iron Man


Eagerly endorsed Ron Paul in both 2008 and 2012. Indicated that he would be delighted to share a ticket with The Good Doctor. Anti-conscription. Will follow his head AND the Constitution. Never prostituted himself to lobbyists or collectivists during his two terms as governor and vetoed more bills during his time in office than 49 other state executives combined.

Anti-conscription -- would not oblige an unwilling host to subordinate her own best interests to those of the parasite growing within her.

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
West of 89
a novel of another america


Primaries are over. Time to dip out of the republican party again, and head for greener pastures.

Was fun while it lasted. perhaps I'll re-register repub next cycle (if the democrats don't have a viable classicly liberal candidate).

You nailed it

I just hope Ron Paul will join Gary Johnson in the race. What a way to continue the revolution and maximize the impact.

Johnson/Paul or Paul/Johnson, come on guys get together and make it happen!

Rand Paul is working for us within the party, good luck to him too and everybody working within the GOP at any level should continue that effort as well.

We need to spread the message of liberty in any way and by any means possible.

If you agree that Johnson and Paul have to team up and run together then let's make it so big here on the DailyPaul that they WILL notice....

Johnson much closer to Rmoney that Paul.

GJ has only been a LP member 9 months.

Free includes debt-free!

So are you saying

That you would not support Ron Paul if he chose to run 3rd party now?

It's a hypothetical.

Here what Dr. Paul said in 1989

Free includes debt-free!

Bill Clinton didn't get 50% of the vote

Bill Clinton was a two term president.
No one but NO ONE questioned his legitimacy. And he never got 50% of the vote. He got 47% the first time and 49% the second time.

Not voting sends the message that you ACCEPT the vote of those that do.
Vote 3rd party or you are accepting these criminals rule over you.

Political masochists?

So, some say, after all the heartache the GOP has dumped on Ron Paul (a true American hero) lying, cheating, slandering, even condoning physical violence against Paul delegates, we should now vote for Mitt Romney?
Even as he was leaving, on a private plane, the TSA (8 of them?) harassed Dr and Mrs Paul. If they didn't know who he was then they shouldn't be anywhere near a law enforcement job. They should be in kindergarten school.

Do real Paul supporters watch this brand of corruption and degradation poured onto the Good Doctor, then turn and say vote for those who inflicted it?

When I look at my ballot in November, I will see Obama, Romney and Johnson. I am a liberty advocate and will vote my conscience. I was introduced to Dr Paul in 1988 through the Libertarian Party and campaigned, donated and voted for him. I am now introduced to Gary Johnson through that same party. Since I can't vote for Dr Paul, I will vote (and campaign, donate) to Gary Johnson.

To anyone who says that my vote for Johnson is a vote for Obama,, Noo. I would never vote for Mitt, so he can't lose my vote. The actions of the GOP made it quite clear that they don't want my vote, they don't need my vote and I should leave their country club party. So, I will oblige them. Johnson has twice as much experience as Mitt anyway. He termed out while Mitt served only one term and left. That speaks volumes.

Paul was a Libertarian who became a Republican, Johnson is a Republican who turned Libertarian. It's not about one man, or one election, it's about liberty. I will vote for that, and against tyranny, every time. Take every edge, every time.

I swore I wouldn't vote

for mitt or obama, just as thousands of others on the Daily Paul did. Many said they would write in Dr. Paul. A write in for Dr. Paul will be thrown out in Virginia. This leads me to only one choice, I will vote for Gary, Though he is no Dr. Paul he is Libertarian enough for me to sleep soundly after casting my vote. I truly Hate the corruption of the two parties we are force fed. I am sick of hearing how a vote against mitt is a vote for obama. If anyone in the rnc cared for my vote they wouuld have done the right thing an nominated Dr. Ron Paul. I hope both parties get what they want, The rest of America can wake up when the nightmare is in thier face, then all of us will be redeemed and taken seriously. My vote will not be wasted, it will be my chance to give a liberty minded party a bit more percentage to scare the hell out of the elite, dying two party system. This will have to suffice untill the gop is truly a Liberty minded and Liberty controlled party. Time to take out the trash while they think they can't be moved. To Ron Pauls vision of a true Freedom loving, Constitution defending, Liberty Minded, Sound Money managed America I will stand true. To mittens and the gop, Reap what you Sow. America obviously needs the boots of oppression to Wake Up, so be it, let the games begin.

The first of my ancestors arrived in 1687, Indentured to serve another for 4 years, we fought in the Revolutionary war, Civil war, WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, and Served during Desert Shield/Storm, Now my Family and I serve The "Revolution"

Best presentation so far, I

Best presentation so far, I agree primarily that by keeping the dialogue going is great advertising for the Liberty movement. Its like cavemen finding fire for the first time, keeping it lit as they journey to unknown territory.

As long as we keep a face to the message so we can all keep in contact, it will not fade especially as economic woes progress adding great value to Austrian economics/Libertarian and use that momentum to swing a solid foundation for Libertarians and the LP party.

If 51% don't vote for President that sends a message

That is a no confidence vote.

Best strategy lose the voting fetish.

Free includes debt-free!

Not voting does NOT send a message.

The only message not voting sends is "I surrender".

No, it is saying I surrender to tyranny.

Lose your voting fetish your its slave.

Free includes debt-free!

agree and well said.

I can't imagine any RP supporter voting for anyone other than GJ. The only way to shake up this frigging system is to vote Libertarian. Not voting, writing in Dr.Paul,or voting Romeny/Obama simply reinforce the status quo.


We is it so important that 'they' want you to vote?

'They' spend billions on all the parties to get you to vote.

Why is that?

Why is it that some countries force you to vote. Without it government has no legitimacy.

Until 11 months ago GJ was a Republican. Did the other LP Presidential candidates get trampled by GJ and his moneyed friends.

In a free market if you don't like the product you don't buy it.

In the political market we buy worthless products with our vote. Look at all the tyranny our votes have earned us.

The Office of President is an abomination in the face of the Constitution.

I won't spend another vote on it, it's a defective product.

Free includes debt-free!

Or "I choose to ignore tyranny."

It's high time we got down to the business of breaking up the false
Left-Right, two-party paradigm.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Why even bother?

After what Paul's campaign has been through does anybody here actually still believe their vote is counted? Really?

Wake up! Your vote does not count!
It never did and it never will!
Our "leaders" are hand selected for us.

Vote for anybody you want.
Vote for me!
Vote for your mom!
Vote for Dr. Seuss!
Or stay home!
It really doesn't matter at all.

Don't tread on me bro

Write-In not allowed in Hawaii

I called the elections office in Hawaii and they do not allow/count a presidential "write-in". I love Ron Paul but to have my vote not recognized or counted seems pointless. Voting for the lesser of 2 evils is still a vote for evil so I will vote for GJ or should I abstain the presidential vote?

Ron Paul said he might endorse G.Johnson

Vote Libertarian!

The little tabulation gnome

The little tabulation gnome inside the voting machine reads "Gary Johnson" as Obamney. If you want to vote you need to talk to tabulation gnome first... or get rid of tabulation Gnome.. Be careful though, hes known to bite fingers off and abort 8 year olds.

Yeah feeding you vote to a Deibold machine.

A recipe for disaster and tyranny.

Free includes debt-free!

Of course...

Gary deserves out votes. Seeing that write ins don't count in a number of states and even when they do the write in candidate must register as one prior to the general in many of those states. It therefore makes perfect sense to try and get Gary Johnson to 20%. We can get a ton of liberals to vote for him. Maybe even more so than Eon Paul because of the abortion issue. Gary now and Rand in 2016.


There is no story to tell. We got further than we were so we are happy. We lost the battle of the cheaters but not the war.
Obama must go. We are all sick of being broke and not able to follow our dreams. ZIP IT! I think you are an obama troll. twirl 3 times and pretend you are in Kansas dorothy. We are not falling for your bullcrap. THIS IS WAR AGAINST NOBAMA AND THAT'S NOT AN UNUSUAL SECRET STANCE IN AN ELECTION. SURPRISE!

Keepin' it real.

Please play with your Johnson somewhere else.

Unlike the sellout cowards, I choose to back Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is my President.

I love the way he leave me free!

Free includes debt-free!

Well good for you

You shouldn't be telling people who to vote for. That's wrong. How about I tell you to vote Roseanne Barr? Leave us alone. Punishing the GOP gets us 4 more years of mr horse teeth obama and I'd rather have my head in a vice.

Keepin' it real.


No more!!!

No more same song and dance from the Rebublicrats!
No more wars!
No more Patriot act/NDAA!
No more TRILLONS in debt!
Our two party system is such a joke! Our great republic is dying and it's just politics as usual. I am going to miss Dr. Paul. He's my champion and speaks the truth to the thieves and liars that constitute our government.
I don't know much about Gary, but I CANNOT bring myself to vote for people who want perpetual wars and debt-
Obama/Romney 2012-They might as well be running on the same ticket!
I will NOT vote for Romney!
I will NOT vote for Obama!
I will vote Gary Johnson or write the good doctor in.