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I'm voting for Gary Johnson. Here's Why I am. And Why I Think You Should.

1. Ron Paul is no longer a candidate. I wish he still was but he is not.

2. To not vote is what about 40% of Americans do anyway, so that is not sending a message. Sorry Lew Rockwell

3. Voting for Romney is voting for the lesser of the two evils which is what the whole darn system is set up for.

4. Writing Ron Paul's name in won't show up in the results. Let's vote Libertarian and spike the numbers up at least some. Demonstrate that people are waking up and becoming involved.

5. Writing in Ron Paul's name when he is not a candidate looks like the movement was about Ron Paul, and not the cause of liberty. Sorry TMOT.

6. Voting for Romney is a vote for the status quo and rewarding the RNC.

7. Voting for and promoting Gary Johnson allows us to keep ourselves focused on the liberty message: Sound Money, Non-Interventionism, Personal Liberty, etc

8. Voting for Gary Johnson allows us to continue to tell our story to others. We can tell people why we supported Ron Paul and why now we support Gary Johnson.

9. We can still work within the Republican party to change it for the future, however because of their recent actions and their candidate, we will not vote for the Republican in the 2012 Presidential race.

10. Ron Paul was our first choice but we must carry on.

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Gary Johnson is Roger Stone's Puppet

Gary Johnson is Roger Stone's Puppet

Does that make Ron Paul Doug Wead's puppet?

Still hoping to have an actual debate on the matter of how we should vote, still getting a lot of hyperbole and conspiracy theories.

Great Video

Thankyou for that link.

You do what you can

to get the lazy a$$ out of the oval office and we'll deal with the results in 4 years. If I am stuck with another 4 years of the infantile bastard in the the white house sending us all to the poor house, I have YOU to blame. I think rmoney stinks but what we have now is as rotten as a garbage can with maggots in it. We are done suffering. Get rid of the bastard in the WH by any means necessary, even IF DIEBOLD is his best friend. And that means voting for rmoney in hopes that Ryan will keep a lid on him since he has a little bit of conscience left..
At least the Catholic bashing and class warfare will stop if the maggot in the WH is sent packing.


Keepin' it real.

Hmm. Sounds good to me,

Hmm. Sounds good to me, actually.

sharkhearted's picture

ROMNEY trolls abound on this thread!

Beware. They have thrice downvoted me.

OH my! The shame. The despair.

Well tell me, little trolls...what have YOU done in the name of liberty??

Were you a local, district, and state, delegate, like me? Didn't think so. Did you drive 1000 miles to Tampa to hear Dr. Paul's farewell address like me?

Thought not.

I choose Gary Johnson because Dr.Paul is out of the race and the governor is INFINITELY better than Mitt O'bamney.

Nuff said.

Trolls....shew thyselves.

Don't just downvote, slimeballs, but make your case (and your credentials) known.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

The GOTV trolls are on this thread.

There are warehouses of government employees who are illegitimate if everyone realizes their vote makes this parasitic government legitimate.

Free includes debt-free!

Gary Johnson is the Libertarian Candidate

By spiking his numbers we will make people look into the libertarian party and the Ron Paul Message. We will also show people that there is more than just two parties. At this point it is all about waking up the others. Voting for Gary is a good way to get them thinking.

I don't thinks so.

GJ was a Republican until he joined the Libertarian Party at the end of 2011.

IMO, he is a set up. They needed a third party candidate to keep us busy and safely out of the way until after the election.

Free includes debt-free!

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I agree 100%

Well said.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

You make a thoughtful case

for Gary Johnson. I think he has more integrity than both Obama and Romney. Unfortunately I voted for Ross Perot and I remember how little that accomplished. I will be voting for ROmney somply because a lame duck Obama is the worst case scenario.

Four years from now we will have better choices if we can somehow stop hating on each other and start working together.

Ross Perot was right!

Everyone remembers the hockey stick.

A vote for a person that does not succeed is a cheap investment.

CFR Buffoon GJ

getting in the debates would do severe damage to the libertarian brand. The man's entire political career has been managed by a CFR insider who got promoted to CFR leadership after getting this stooge of a puppet into the LP slot.


Then although his campaigns been in debt since when he was still in the GOP race as the anti-paul Someone has hired GOP neocon sleazeball Roger Stone to be his new strategist.


And while he now claims to have been libertarian for 10 years GJ shortly after becoming the Koch LP candidate (no different than a Koch Tea Party candidate ie: same ol neocons) He showed complete ignorance of what libertarian even means. Other than the neocon talking point that they are just about weed.


And thats not even counting his innumerable flip flops he's made take your pick on when to start from when he was GOP or when he was first the LP nominee he's flipped on everything trying to sound more like a libertarian.

Unlike nearly every other libertarian, he actually had to govern

And when he did he vetoed 700+ spending bills, cut taxes repeatedly, eliminated over 1000 government jobs and fought to end the War on Drugs.

If that's a super-sneaky CFR plot, maybe we should all be supporting the CFR.

He only abandoned the GOP brand 9 months ago.

He was the Republican Governor of NM.

He has done some good things as governor, but as for libertarian, I don't thinks so.

I will not vote for President as I do no consent to what that Office has become.

"Ron Paul has the prescription for prosperity: Liberty."

I am with TMOT. Ron Paul is my President.

Free includes debt-free!

creative rewrite of his true record

He used Federal money which was greased for him by those insiders to balance NM's budget along with privatizing prisons, Did absolutely zilch against the war on drugs, pardoned exactly zero persons imprisoned for victimless crimes, is still proposing a tax increase via national sales tax. Still talking about humanitarian wars. Leaving our bases in Afghanistan as per Obama's latest agreement, Keeping the troops in 130 countries perpetuating their empire. BTW any chance you're too young to remember how slickly they had packaged Reagan as an outsider? Or are you Roger Stone?

Fair tax turns everyone into tax collectors.

Oh great eliminate the IRS and make everyone a tax collector. Why? Why burden the free market with the ultimate in government intervention?

Free includes debt-free!


Bummer that you are so angry.

the bummer

is that any of you are so easily fooled.

But is he wrong?


Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

who knows?

I'm still voting for Johnson. Better than Jill Stein. Robamaney is out of the question.

Take it to dailyjohnson.com

I'll be voting for the person who best represents my beliefs, and has not only earned my vote, but has taught me so much. Ron Paul has changed my life forever, and the least I can do is thank him with MY VOICE, MY VOTE, RON FUCKING PAUL

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

You can thank Ron Paul by

getting involved in the political process and working to change the system. Clearly all of us would vote for Ron Paul but the system has not allowed us to have this choice because they know he would win by a landslide and all the vote rigging could not change that.

So Ron Paul will not be on the ballot and you have a choice to make. Or not I suppose.

He doesn't need to be on the ballot - Write In

I will get involved once I'm educated enough, and believe that I'm qualified. Most people who get involved are NOT Qualified. Read books, know your history, know your economics, and RUN!

GJ cant win
Romney - not designed to win
Obama - Hey, at least its only 4 more years
Ron Paul - Changed the future forever as long as we keep on top of this system.

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

Write-in is mental

Write-in is mental masturbation. Personally, I don't plan to vote. To enable such a corrupt system doesn't make much sense to me.

Voting wouldn't be enabling.

Voting wouldn't be enabling. NOT voting would be surrendering.

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

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He's got my vote.

Reagan Bush Bush Dole Bush Bush McCain that is my former voting record.

This year it was going to be Dr. Paul...but since he apparently is out...I am proud to cast my vote for Governor Johnson.

He made a rousing (and HONEST) speech at the PAUL fest in Tampa and that was what I needed.

Like Dr. Paul, he seems to be an honest and principled man (at least in comparison to the other nincompoops on the ballot).

So....Gary Johnson officially has my vote.

Yesterday I was in such a foul mood about the mistreatment of the RP people at the RNC convention I was having evil thoughts to vote (as a hate vote) for Barak Obama.

But thankfully, those insane feelings subsided.

But I would like to say this: FUCK YOU, MITT ROMNEY...and all of yours!

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Echo your sentiments.

Thanks for your hard work Chris.

"I know Romney isn't your favorite, but he's better than Obama!"

"I know Gary Johnson isn't your favorite, but he's better than Romney!"

I will not vote for anyone who doesn't understand the basic evils of our empire.

I will not vote for anyone who does not understand the basic evils of the Fed.

I am willing to compromise on many issues. Murder and theft aren't on that list.

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito