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I'm voting for Gary Johnson. Here's Why I am. And Why I Think You Should.

1. Ron Paul is no longer a candidate. I wish he still was but he is not.

2. To not vote is what about 40% of Americans do anyway, so that is not sending a message. Sorry Lew Rockwell

3. Voting for Romney is voting for the lesser of the two evils which is what the whole darn system is set up for.

4. Writing Ron Paul's name in won't show up in the results. Let's vote Libertarian and spike the numbers up at least some. Demonstrate that people are waking up and becoming involved.

5. Writing in Ron Paul's name when he is not a candidate looks like the movement was about Ron Paul, and not the cause of liberty. Sorry TMOT.

6. Voting for Romney is a vote for the status quo and rewarding the RNC.

7. Voting for and promoting Gary Johnson allows us to keep ourselves focused on the liberty message: Sound Money, Non-Interventionism, Personal Liberty, etc

8. Voting for Gary Johnson allows us to continue to tell our story to others. We can tell people why we supported Ron Paul and why now we support Gary Johnson.

9. We can still work within the Republican party to change it for the future, however because of their recent actions and their candidate, we will not vote for the Republican in the 2012 Presidential race.

10. Ron Paul was our first choice but we must carry on.

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It's Kind of Funny..

Reading some of the replies to my post.

Somebody tell me if I am wrong, but Ron Paul is not running for president anymore. If he was, I would vote for him. I don't think writing his name in is going to show up in any results.

I know Gary Johnson has no chance of winning. He is more of a protest vote than anything.

Doing the samething over and over, expecting a different result is crazy. Personally, I'm not going to vote again for the lesser of the two evils and expect things to change.

Romney is not for ending the wars or cutting spending. He said he would have signed the NDAA. Vote for Romney if that makes you feel good.

I will only vote principle.

This is one thing I have learned after voting for Obama in 2008 is I will vote for the man and the character and that would mean writing Ron Paul in or voting Virgil Goode. Many tea party republicans are also taking this road. Johnson doesn't have a chance because he doesn't
't stand out over the other two enough.