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Ron Is Right! If there's one thing we can take away from this...

It's the fact that WE have more power than they can imagine because we have the message,we have the tools and we have integrity. As long as we have the internet and our fire,we can power Liberty into the world regardless of how hard they make it for us. Yes,they are powerful but they have shown their hands to the world these last months and days. They are naked and in time they will fall. When that day comes we will be here to pick up the pieces and take the torch! Do not give up. Fight! If you choose to remain in the GOP,join a 3rd party or simply make yourself a voice in your community and family,FIGHT!

Is this not a R3VOLUTION?!

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Then we won't have the internet

TPTB are going to adapt. They've already been trying tirelessly to censor the internet. I'm sure they'll eventually get some horrific censorship bill passed and that will be the end to "spreading the message". Again, they've now seen how close Dr. Paul came to possibly being a major factor in this race (which is probably why they changed the rules about pluralities). Once the currency crisis hits, there will be another major government power grab. It's going to be hard to reason with people when they're hungry, homeless and hopelessly dependent on government for survival. As Rahm implored them, they won't let a crisis "go to waste".

Exactly. This is why we need to use our freedom now.

We need to discuss plans on how we adapt when they pull the plug on the web. We should learn from the Chinese disaffected. We can always go back to how we did things before the web too. Whatever happens we should never stop fighting and talking. Freedom for the Revolutionaries,the slaves and the victims of the NAZI Party was won from the grass roots and underground networks. Hopefully we never have to face that.

The devil is hard at work

he knows he has but a short time!

Peace everyone

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

Well said


Liberty = Responsibility