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Rand Paul For President 2016

Rand Paul has lifted me out of a very dark place after his speech tonight. I can see a glimmer of light on the horizon.

Ron Paul has laid the new republican foundation. Rand Paul has won over segments of the republican party that his father could never do because Ron is a terrible liar. He always spoke the truth, straight from the hip to his heart. It didn't work. Unfortunate, but true.

Rand Paul is young, and very handsome. He's an excellent speaker. The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. Rand Paul is our only hope to save America if she can hang on the cliff for another 4 years.

I think the major difference between Ron Paul and Rand is the fact that his son is much better at telling a lie. Rand knows how to be politically malleable, while father Paul remained unflexible in his views....which many of us adored to a fault. To be unwavering is not conducive to modern day American politics, just ask Mitt Romney.

Rand Paul knows how to bend with the political winds. Ron Paul would never bend no matter what, which perhaps may have been his biggest downfall.

Did you see Rand's body language tonight? Did you hear his voice when he endorsed Mitt Romney? It marked the only time during the entire speech in which Rand did not sound like himself. The rest was genuine.

I am SO HAPPY that he based his speech off of Obama's, 'You didn't build that,' statement. As a small business owner that paid my own way through college and has worked since I was 9 years old, Rand Paul scored extra points with me tonight. He gave a speech that was strong enough to be remembered four years from now by the average republican.

Rand Paul restored my hope. We did build it, Randy, and they will come in 2016.

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I am right with you

Rand Paul 2016!!!!

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!


just another traitor in my book.

I'm only 42, my daughter is

I'm only 42, my daughter is 3... as long as Rand stays the course, even if he plays politics more than his dad, I will support him financially and in other ways as long as I can.

Anyone doubting Rand or his ability of getting closer to it than his dad, doesn't see the future very clearly.

The only problem I see is, will Rand even want it because the way we are headed I'm not sure any sane individual would want to be in charge when the SHTF!

lindalsalisbury's picture

I hate name calling, but

you are a silly goose, if you believe for one minute the GOP will let Rand as close to the nomination as they let Ron.

Rand has dumped on his base (us), and his father's message.

He cannot deliver the liberty vote to Romney, and the elite will just brush him aside.

There is already a sticker type sign on the Jon Stewart's "Daily Show" that goes like this:

Republican National Convention
RNC 2012

I think that Jeb didn't run this because the resentment of George W. is still fresh in everyones mind.

"Many a truth is spoken in jest". Why would they pick a loser like Romney? There is no other explaination, other than Romney is an easily manuplated puppet and will follow lead of the elite. It's biding time until Jeb is acceptable. (I am sure you have probably seen the George W. signs, asking "Do You Miss Me Yet?". George W. has stayed off the public stage so people will forget, not because he wants "give the new president space". The Bushes always have an agenda.

Rand is toast, and will most likely lose in Kentucky his next election.

Rand Paul at the very least

Will further the cause of liberty.
Many Romney supporters like rand Paul and respect Ron Paul but they just disagree with Ron on foreign policy.
They see Ron as too risky but they see rand as just the right mixture for them.
I have a new term rand is a neotarian.
He still believes in a military engagement overseas but he wants to cut from both sides of Waste.
Its like branding the Current republican party with Ron Paul classic republicanism underneath a neocon agenda.
It is better then we have now and in 10 years we can fase out neotarianism and move to classic republicanism again.
It's the youth that will be able in 10 years to take the ranks of the neocons as we slowly move out of that era.
We will get 8 years of neotarianism then a 4 year lull and then we will finally move into an age of prosperity an liberty again.

Of course...

...the GOP will let Rand as close (or closer) to the nomination as they let Ron. Didn't the GOP let Rand give a speech at the convention, while exiling Ron?

Rand hasn't dumped on the message - he's help spread it.

The elite just "brushed" Ron aside, and he got 22% in Iowa, and nearly won, and 23% in NH. Rand clearly is in position to do better, regardless of treatment by the elite.

Ron will campaign with Rand in '16. You think that's insignificant?

The Bushes are over.

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The corrupt GOP had an agenda.

That agenda was to limit even the mention of the name of Ron Paul in Tampa, the same way that the name of Moses was removed from Egyptian history. The 4-minute video showcased others more that it did Ron Paul. That GOP corruptly removed our delegates with the tacit approval of Rand. The GOP let Rand deliver a redacted speech that put forward the GOP agenda. Rand was used for their purposes, not ours.

"tacit approval of Rand"?


Rand is looking to grow the liberty movement. He's playing just enough of the game so as to be given a microphone, and at the convention, he used that microphone to give a VERY libertarian oriented speech in prime time and two VERY libertarian friendly nationally televised interviews.

I'll trade a lukewarm endorsement of Romney, an endorsement that the sheeple won't even remember months from now, for that kind of exposure to the libertarian message any day of the week.

I'm sure Ron is with Rand every step of the way; a sort of father-son, good cop-bad cop exploitation of the GOP establishment.

BTW, the GOP's agenda has been to limit even the mention of Ron Paul's name well before Tampa - like for the past five years.

Perhaps those sheeple you mention are just mirrors?

Yes. You should watch that video of Wolff Blitzer (sp?) interviewing Rand and asking why his father was being treated so badly. Rand defended Romney and the GOP. If you thought that Rand's endorsement of Romney was lukewarm, what do you think the temperature of his betrayal of his own father was? To me, it seemed pretty cold, perhaps even icy.

Larry in North Carolina
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to not support Ron Paul!

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He should take his biggest applause line to heart.

"To thrive we must believe in ourselves again, and we must never -- never -- trade our liberty for any fleeting promise of security," the Kentucky senator said to thunderous applause.
"To thrive we must believe in ourselves again, and we must never -- never -- trade our Liberty [to say what needs to be said] for any fleeting [false] promise of security [from within the confines of the tyrannical 'Ministry of the GOP'],"

Ron Paul said to Cavuto on 8-28:

"I turned Rand loose when he was 16 years old. He is on his own. We will have disagreements about strategies."

I see nothing that makes me as confident as you are about this father-son agreement. I hope that you are right.

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Percentages won't matter.

They can change the rules anywhere, anytime, and can rule differently from one state to another. What is ruled in Iowa, for instance does not have to agree with a ruling in Nevada.

They let Rand speak in Tampa because he endorsed Romney; and, because they are hoping he will deliver the liberty vote to Romney. Of course, he cannot.

Ron campaigning for Rand is significant, but will not matter on the GOP ticket. They will just squash both at once.

Hope your analysis of the Bushes is correct.

We need our own party. Our people deserve better than anything the
GOP will allow.

"They" can and will change the rules, but...

...we've made great strides toward becoming "they".

Ron Paul people are now in place in high places in states like Iowa, Nevada, Alaska, Maine, NH, and many more. This will continue. We will reach a tipping point where they *can't* change the rules, simply because we have the numbers in leadership positions and they don't.

Of course Rand cannot deliver the liberty vote to Romney. This demonstrates that "they" are not as smart as they think. Regardless, it's an example of Rand slipping thru where Ron could (would) not.

The GOP will allow liberty when we become the GOP. I never thought that would ever happen, but that is happening.

We should keep our own party (Libertarian, or whatever), while simultaneously taking over the GOP

Soon enough, "they" will be stating, "We need our own party".

Has his voting record dumped on us?

I don't feel it has. While it's not as stellar as his fathers of course, and he's only been in office for 2 years, he's light years ahead of a Paul Ryan...Ron Paul has also endorsed neocons for Congress...does it suck? Yes. Has it put him in a position where his ideas have been able to influence more people? Yes.

(and Ran Paul won't be running again in Kentucky before 2016, his term isn't up till then:)

I'm onboard. Rand Paul 2016. Start going to your monthly county GOP executive committee meetings Now if you want a Liberty Republican to win in 2016.

I am!

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I want the Paulite Liberty Party

I say dumped on us because he did not actively campaign for Ron, and because he publically supported Romney and that he thought a good business man would be a good candidate. If he had done 1/10 of what Ben Swann and many others have done, it would have been nice.

He will have no opportunity; presidental, that is, inside the GOP.

I think he should run in our party, if we ever get one, where he would not only have a chance at a nominationm, but get on ballots.

The Republican cards are stacked for Jeb, or some other neocon, ie Tampa.

When he cannot deliver the liberty vote to Romney, they will just ignor him. If he delivers any threat to their power, they will just hound him into history.

I also thought...

...Rand's speech at the convention was superb, and the delivery excellent.

He's got two things on his dad - he's young and he's a smoother talker. Don't underestimate what that means to the sheeple.

Yes, I wish Rand was, at times, as blunt as Ron, but he's more than blunt enough.

If Rand articulates a strong, consistent anti-Income Tax message, which Ron failed to do (his greatest campaign failing, IMO), then I'm all-in in 2016.

Objectively, Rand has to be considered the clear front-runner in Iowa in '16. Everything's in place.

i totally agree

The good thing about Rand is that we know he has the libertarian foundation and he is much like his father when it comes to policy. But what I like best about him is that he knows how, and is ready, to play the political game, hes realistic. Dr. Paul message is showing how the future of the republican party lanscape is changing but you cant win elections purely on ideas. Theres a reason why its called politics. I think if us libertarians and Ron Paul republicans wish to see our ideas regain our country back and restore it to its true founding principles we need to really around a candidate like Rand Paul for president in 2016.