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Well, if it doesn't matter

Well, if voting doesn't matter anymore, then there's only one VIABLE option left and it isn't sending a message by writing in "Donald Duck"....

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Read it better, I didn't suggest writing in Donald Duck. I stated that it has been done in the past and was reported by MSM's.

I know, but should we be more

I know, but should we be more concerned with principle or MSM reporting? Instead of playing with the MSM in the hope that they MIGHT report a story, let's bypass them instead. Nearly everyone on the DP can buy an unlicensed, low power radio transmitter and impact their local community. Imagine the impact if JUST 5000 people did similarly. Frankly, I'm FAR past playing games with the media.

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I see what you're saying, but you're missing the big picture

If the media were to pick up on a movement like this, (and they very well might in order to get the "big story" on disenfranchised voters this year for sensationalism) it would send a massive message to the public if 4 million people joined it and wrote in "Does it really matter anymore?" or "Whoever this Black Box Picks".

You're naturally ASSUMING

You're naturally ASSUMING (based on the historical context of reporting votes for "Donald Duck") that the mass media MIGHT report such an event for financial reasons. They might, but then, again, they might not due to the IMPLICATIONS of doing so. The basic question underlying your scenario seems to be:

Will the mass media compromise their corrupt agenda for mere profit?

But, hey, if readers want to participate in this effort, go for it! No one has a concrete forecast of the reaction of the mass media to such an event. Personally, I'll continue to vote on principle whether my vote matters or not. I couldn't sleep at night otherwise.

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If you think they won't pick up on it for ratings

you are seriously overestimating the morality and dignity of the MSM.

Those vultures will snag any morsel they can that fits that agenda you speak of.

And this idea can be used for enhancing those agendas by all of them - right and left media. Which translates to, they may well pick up on it indeed.