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You can Vote for Gary Johnson, but you have to come back to the GOP or this was all for naught

That is just what the GOP wants us to do. We have to bring our ideology to the Republican party, but not our Party.

Ron Paul is in the Republican Party. We have to stay in the GOP.

Sure vote for GJ, but stay a registered Republican. Don't give up on all the work we did this year and all the work Ron Paul has done.

He never thought of himself as a Libertarian or a Republican. He thought of himself as a true Conservative. We have to continue that legacy in this fractured party. We can easily take over this party.

Everyone of the candidates were somewhat Tea-Partiers except Romney and we all know barely anyone is genuinely excited about Romney.

And so we will get true Conservatives in the next debates. True Conservatives being elected. True Conservatives--the old conservatives before the Neo-Cons before Reagan before FDR. The Ron Paul Conservative.

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Most likely I will not be

Most likely I will not be going back to the GOP. I am not a Conservative by definition and by history Conservatives want to keep things as they are; they want to Conserve things. They don't want to change anything they want to keep the government on a similar course as it is projected. They are literally lying to your face, to get your vote, otherwise they would be called classical liberals (libertarians). They would be moving us into another direction away from government. The tories (loyalists to the king of England) during the revolution were the conservatives and the revolutionaries were liberals. All of this taken from a Nobel economic prize earner F. A. Hayek.


It is working!

He is right, don't leave now! It is working! our message is starting to get through to people:


We have already taken over several state parties. The old guard is dying off and our generation is slowly taking over. We can take back the GOP!

No, the GOP is irrelevant.

No, the GOP is irrelevant. There are so many people hat hate both parties that nobody has to go back.

If anything is irrelevant

its the Liberterian Party

Come back to the GOP?...

... what a joke!!! How stupid do you think I am?

You can't change the GOP. You might get a Reagan elected and then they'll punish you with Bush Sr., Dole, Bush Jr, McCain, Romney, Bush Jr (Jeb),... hopeless cause, utterly hopeless.

Plano TX

It seems like Barry Goldwater did?

Reagan did

the reason there are so many neo-cons is because of all the war-mongering recently. you can change the GOP, we are doing it right now with the Tea Party

dont call me stupid because that was a dumb comment, buddy

Candidate Bush Jr, as Ron Paul says, was actually pretty close to Ron's foreign policy then 9/11 happened

i feel like Bush got forced to send troops around the world when he didnt want to, now why did 9/11 happen? maybe because the rich war industry wanted it to. and they knew Bush was not going to stick to his platform

Gee, thanks for your permission

And some of us don't care for the word "conservative" at all. Just what are you trying to "conserve"? 100 years of tyranny? The word "conservative" does not appeal to me, because it does not refer to any specific values, other than the value of resisting change. I much prefer the word "libertarian,," which refers to liberty!

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

I guess you dont know anything

About history then do you.

thats what i used to think about conservative. the definition is in the word, but its more deep then that.

Ron Paul, in the debates, talked about how the true conservatives have a liberterian ideology of today, but back in the 19th and early 20th those conservatives would ally with him

the neo-cons are what you hate, my friend

OR--you can FOCUS on liberty candidates & local politics NOW!

Use that dissatisfaction and anger to fuel the rEVOLution, not some popular vote scam.


The popular vote shouldn't even exist--why participate in something the Founding Fathers were against, easily rigged, and does nothing since the President is decided by the electoral college?

Where's the money bomb already--we can send Boehner his pink slip to join the unemployed masses!

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:

Right on

Excellent post.

Sorry but F'k the GOP

..I also would have never joined the GOP even temporarily had it not been for Dr. Paul as they are just the ‘Fascist Wing’ of the Banker Owned War Party (the Dems being the ‘Communist’ Wing) and now after the blatant open in your face cheating we just witnessed how can ANYONE of good conscience have anything to do with them? They made it very clear they are not going to let ANY dessent be allowed and ANY attempt will be crushed.

Joel Skousen has it correct here: http://lewrockwell.com/orig13/skousen-j1.1.1.html

and Bretigne Shaffer here: http://lewrockwell.com/shaffer-br/shaffer-br13.1.html

We need to make the Banker Owned 2 Party fake system irrelevant.

"Great Men Do Not Seek Power, They Have Great Power Thrust Upon Them"

Grow up and get over yourself!

This is a rEVOLution not a pity party!

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:

Murray N. Rothbard - For a

Murray N. Rothbard - For a New Liberty The Libertarian Manifesto

Murray N. Rothbard: Libertarianism

Ron Paul - Discussing Austrian vs. Keynesian Economics

Ron Paul interviews with college students (Keynesian vs. Austrian Economics).flv


Dr. Ron Paul - Libertarian Presidential Candidate (1988)

my kind of comment!

But wait, everyone on this site has already read For a New Liberty, right? Oh, wait, they were too busy with all their new GOP duties.

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

in my opinion

a message needs to be made to the RNC. For me, this means that our block of voters needs to be strategic about how they vote. This in turn means a few things we should think about as well.

1. What would be the benefit gained seen in a write-in if write-ins are not counted or even explicitly named?
No matter how stubborn you are as a Ron Paul voter, in the end you need to send a message that your vote counts. In this case, unfortunately a write in is actually and for all practical purposes a wasted vote.

2. Even if you don't like Gary what would be the benefit or not of voting Libertarian?

3. What about another party?

So, here is what I suspect is the best course of action.

A. We need to define the goal of the movement now in regards to this election. Is it to tank the GOP? Stick to the message? Or, send a real message to the GOP?

If the issue is to send a message of our numbers, we ought to vote exclusively for one party. (Obviously Not the GOP or Dems)

If the issue is to fandango the election results then we ought to vote in block in the swing states in a way that both gets us closer to our message, without pushing its fruition too far out. I can't stomach 4 more years of Obama. I also fear that Romney may make the world much much worse, if not worse than Obama. I have not had this much uncertainty about two candidates in such a long time. I also fear that if Romney is elected our message will be put on hold for a loong loong time.

For me, I am in KY. Obama wont win. I want my vote counted in rebellion. I will vote for Johnson despite his weak points. Is he perfect? no. Is he paul, nooooo! Is he not romney or obama? I would say so. just my 2 incoherent cents.

By the way, it costs nearly 3 cents to make 1 cent.

There is nothing to be gained

from trying to send some sort of message through a block protest vote. They already know how many of us there are.

GOPCommittee persons should staty Republican. Others

should temporarily become Libertarians to support Gary Johnson cause the Romneyites are trying to take down the Libertarian Party by suing to get them off the ballot in November. They do not want any 3rd parties in the swing states. This is what is happening in Iowa and in another state. Gary Jonson needs Libertarian signatures to stay on the ballot.

Finally some rationality

Finally some rationality here. We had a lot of propagandists forbidding any "plan C" talk to stunt the Johnson campaign.

Ventura 2012

Perhaps it needs all the

Perhaps it needs all the available approaches. Some stay in the GOP and work at the grassroots local GOPs, others work with the Liberty movements, getting the message to people who won't listen to a Republican. The main thing is the network that has been built up, and strategies like Blue Republican, in which people tactically vote to forward the cause in the GOP when it matters. If you all stop talking to each other and do a balkanization of the liberty movement, then the establishment will just pick you off one by one. That's why the DP is so essential going forward.

This space available

In Texas, you can vote for anyone you want

Even if you are a registered member of a political party. If you are a delegate, you can't vote in another party's primary.

There are a lot of Texans

There are a lot of Texans under the impression that they can still write in Ron Paul. We need to do our best to inform them they will be wasting their votes!

Enough with this "wasted

Enough with this "wasted vote" stuff. Nobody hat shows up to the polls and votes their conscience should ever be accused of wasting a vote. This argument is a big part of the reason so many feel obliged to choose between the lesser of two evils.


Fight in the GOP if you are so inclined. Personally I believe that is the most effective way, however I respect everybody who decides to fight the fight for liberty in any other way. We are all needed. Freedom brings us together and we can all choose to use our freedom differently.

I also think it is a very good idea to vote for Gary Johnson. He is far from perfect but he cannot be any worse than Romney and Obama. I am sure he is a lot better even if he is not a hardcore libertarian.

I would love a Johnson/Paul or a Paul/Johnson ticket. THAT I could support 100%. Please Dr Paul, make that happen!

And then back to working inside the GOP so we can bring it back to its roots.

One can vote GJ without ever

One can vote GJ without ever LEAVING the Republican party!

I'm offended by that statement

"All for naught" I never would have even registered Republican if it wasn't for RP's stellar voting record and LIBERTARIAN philosophy. I hated the Republican party before RP and I hate it now. It's a garbage rigged party that will continue to change the rules to hold onto power and will always have toadies to push the neocon agenda. They still have the entire brainwashed evangelical Santorum and Huckabee supporters who vote for whomever their pastor tells them to. How about vote for Gary Johnson and build up the Libertarian Party. The LP can draw all those young college men and women who showed up to hear Dr. Paul speak but just couldn't cross over to "the dark side". Do people here not understand that Independents pissed off Democrats and Libertarians made up most of RP's support. It would take 20 years until all these warhawk grannies and evangelicals are overtaken in the tarnished Republican party. I always thought that Ron Paul was simply using the Republican Party as a way to get into the debates and get exposure, not to try and draw in new party members. He never ruled out a third party or independent run and I thought he was going to that if he was screwd out of the GOP nomination which we all know he was. It's really disappointing to me that those loyal to staying R won't come over to the Libertarian side when we came over to the necon party for Dr. Paul. Thanks alot(sarcasm)

Don't be offended, even if

Don't be offended, even if you are a Libertarian, the best way to promote your views is to help us take over the GOP. Yea, it's an ugly job, but let's do it!

What they guy below said

Really im just echoing what Ron Paul said in his last speech.

Stay with the ideology of Liberterian, but Stay GOP too.

Ron Paul has said this the whole time. Ron Paul is a republican. How many Liberterians do you know that are in the Congress? OH right none.

Now take the ideologies with us. Ron Paul did exactly that. We are ron paul.

there is no third party in america. it wont fucking happen

Then you were paying attention.

RP made it pretty clear is would not run Libertarian. RP is not a anarchist. He is one of those evangelicals that you hate so much. He is from the traditional conservatives wing; constitutionalists, offspring of those church people. Those sound money, liberty, and foreign policies that he champions all come from his Bible.

RP wasn't using the republican party; although he had tried to use the Libertarian party once, but found that they have no soul and no heart. He has been trying to restore the republican party from the takeover of the democrats who infiltrated and now run the party.

The libertarian party would be nothing more than the democrat party if it ever gained influence. But how could it when the policies are already supported by the democrats. Does anyone really suggest that there is a difference?

You haven't been paying

You haven't been paying attention. Ron Paul is a voluntaryist, which for practical purposes is an anarchist.



gold = money
war = health of the state
liberty = prosperity

You're twisting my words

For one RP never ruled out a third party run so you're wrong there. Two, who said being Libertarian is anarchy? Three, by evangelical I'm not talking about real Christians, I'm talking about the forced government morality warhawk phony Christians who don't practice what they preach. Four, the LP does and can have heart and soul if it isn't screwed and held down by the two party duopoly. You've got to be joking about the LP being nothing more than the Democratic Party right? Are you serious? Go back to sleep or start learning more about politics.