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Financially Painful Enough to Move Reps or Dems to 3rd Party Status

Austrian economist, John Williams, has updated his hyperinflation report a number of times. I took a day to read the whole thing and the words that always stayed with me were that the times may become financially painful enough to encourage a third party to move the Republicans or Democrats to third-party status in the 2012 election. I was hoping he was right and I believe he may very well have been. Would definitely explain why the establishment is trying so hard to keep the economy propped up now.

This is a long read but definitely worth it. Tells exactly what he predicts is coming and how it may play out. He also gives plenty of statistics to back up his claims.


From John Williams' Hyperinflation Special Report 2012 #414

"As noted in the 2011 report, “A wide variety of possibilities would follow or coincide politically with a hyperinflationary great depression, but the political status quo likely would not continue. Times would be financially painful enough to encourage the development of a third party that could move the Republicans or Democrats to third-party status in the 2012 presidential and congressional elections.”

That circumstance remains true, given current and likely deteriorating economic conditions, irrespective of the hyperinflation’s timing.

Where I always endeavor to keep my political persuasions separate from my analyses, for purposes of full disclosure, my background is as a conservative Republican with a libertarian bent."