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Now is the time to put the pressure onthe way Ron Paul taught us

Ok folks, lets put our anger and despair into action. So the RNC gave Ron Paul a tribute tonight and actually allowed those on the video to state "Ron Paul has been right all along." Furthermore, the RNC adopted in their platform (yes I know they typically do not abide by their platforms)that the Fed should be audited. We must demand they make the part of the platform that speaks to auditing the Fed relevant.

I am calling upon all of us to really put the pressure on now. Every single federal GOP candidate across the board needs to be confronted about whether or not they will push to Audit the Fed and NO SOFTBALL AUDIT either. We need to bombard their e-mails, their phone lines, show up at their campaign functions and be wearing our Ron Paul T-shirts when we confront them in public.

We should not be discussing for whom we think others should vote. Everyone can vote for whom they choose or write in Ron Paul etc. But the first order of business in my view is to not let the End the Fed issue die. Now is the time to ramp it up and I mean big time....as big as we made our voices heard this week for Ron Paul. Many more need to be educated. This is the most important issue of our time and we cannot afford to let our momentum be slowed because of what happened this week. Dr. Paul would not want that to happen. To honor him, we must be an unrelenting thorn in everyone's ass that is running for Congress as well as those already in office and let them know those thorns are Ron Paul supporters.

The GOP thinks eventually we will stop whimpering and being angry and fall in line and be quiet. WRONG!!! We must especially over the next two months push BOTH Robomney and Obamney on this issue. I want to hear both of them have to make public statements on the issue. We need to start an all out new campaign starting today in Dr. Paul's honor to get this Fed audited.

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