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We Are The Future Rally, Personal Sovereignty, and Ron Paul

I’m three days out of the Ron Paul “We Are the Future” rally and I am still trying to find words to properly explain the significance and impact this event will have.

We live in extraordinary times. There is an absolute disconnect between what America has traditionally looked to for the truth and what actually is transpiring around us. This shouldn’t be news to anyone – of course I’m referring to the controlled institution most commonly referred to as the “Mainstream Media.” If you were to watch nothing but TV, the political system would seem to be working as usual; Mitt Romney is being nominated and it will be another rousing battle between Coke and Pepsi. However, the truth of the matter is far different than what the television would have you believe and my experience at the “We Are the Future Rally” is proof positive of this fact.

Unfortunately, I witnessed a lot of discouraged souls who seemed a little lost as to how to move forward after being thrown under the political bus. Ron Paul is not going to win the Republican nomination, and furthermore his message was not even embraced at the RNC. Stories are being published about the disharmony within the ranks of the republican establishment. Pictures of riot police with semi-automatic weapons are now pouring into the blogosphere which is causing many to wonder why?