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TSA Harasses Ron Paul and His Wife in Florida

This needs to go Viral!

On departing the RNC in Tampa yesterday, Ron Paul, his wife and grand-daughter were subjected to harassment by the TSA at a small airport in Clearwater, Florida.
Eight TSA goons told the Paul entourage they would need to be screened before they would be allowed to leave because Mitt Romney might be nearby.
The insinuation was obvious — Paul and his family pose a threat to the GOP presidential candidate.


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i had

no idea that this even happened until just now.

F'd up totally.

totally F'd up.

brought to you by

Chertoff & Co...

Rand better respond to this after they did it to him

Rand complained about his assault by the TSA and rightly so. The question is now will he rile against the machine after he just supported it at the Convention and they assaulted his own Father and Mother who are free people and can and should be able to travel where they please?

What he does next will could unite or divide so choose wisely Rand...We are all ears!!! I cannot wait to hear his response, you??? You see you cannot have it both ways Rand. The machine hates your Father who is a man we love as much as we love freedom. They assaulted YOUR Father and Mother and a family member so will you let that pass? Where do you stand now Rand? How about now son of Ron Paul? Senator! What does your heart say about this violation and assault? Your move Sir. We are all ears!!!

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This shows at least one thing

This shows at least one thing:

the TSA public servants (are they, technically, btw?) are INDEED ! ...

... oh sooo very zealous !

We must really be undergoing the threat of Texan congressmen (and their families)'s terrorism !

I feel so much safer for in the future, after reading this post. I had no idea how reckless I have been earlier this year !

/end sarcasm

Shame on these TSA folks.

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Romney & Co. need to

Just adding a little more insult.

I'm sure they knew who he was.

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Game over

We lost.

Amer-kans will tolerate ANYTHING !

FEMA Camps are next.

Why in the world would Ron not fly

by private jet?
I have heard it's not that expensive!
To be subjected to the TSA to me is reprehensible!
I'd walk cross country before flying commercial air!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~


read it again. It was his private airplane they wanted to check for explosives. They also tried to get carol to submit to the screening but they backed off when she refused because of her pace maker and aides started filming.

Thanks Peggy

I missed that. It doesn't actually say "his private airplane" but it does suggest that in the wording.
What a dispicable thing for them to do.
This is a kick in the pants as you leave Mr. Paul, you, you, you terrorist!

Things do not look good for Amerika!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~