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Post-RNC planning - we don't have much time!

A lot is being made of what the future for the REVOLUTION holds after the RNC. Who do we vote for in the general election? Who (if anyone) can carry Dr. Paul's torch when he retires?

All of these questions are relevant.

But we CANNOT afford to miss the opportunities we still have before Nov. 6th.

We have to show up to every Obama and Romney rally possible, and let them hear our cries for Ron Paul. It will be difficult, if not impossible to ignore.

We know that enthusiasm for both Obama and Romney is at a low, so we couldn't ask for a more perfect opportunity to pack the stands for these clowns as well as we did for Dr. Paul at UCLA. They will hear our thunder!

I've tried my best to keep in touch with all the local meetup groups, but it's difficult to hold people together. Coalescing around an idea like this just might give us a little extra kick for the long haul.

Thoughts? Has anyone been scheming with similar plans? I think it would be excellent to announce state visits by either Romney or Obama on the DP, so we can bus as many of Dr. Paul's supporters in as possible. Let them find no refuge!

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