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Here is our next move.

Dr. Paul has made the mold... In his political absence, we must fill it. Our platform is liberty plain and simple... Our demeanor is that of the good Doctor... It is now our turn to flood the political systems not with delegates or activists... But as candidates for school boards, mayors, representatives, senators, governors, presidents, sheriffs, district attorneys, judges, commissioners... Etc. if there is a political office your skill sets allow you to occupy, Run on our platform and in the mold of Dr. Paul... Not because we want to... BUT BECAUSE WE HAVE TO!

Our children will never forgive that which could have been avoided. THIS WILL NOT END... WE WILL NOT QUIT... UNWAIVERING... UNCOMPROMISING... RELENTLESS... FOR LIBERTY!

Viva La Revolution Friends... In Peace \ /

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Yes I totally agree however,

we must prioritize our issues in the process. Auditing the corrupt FED is issue #1. We must make every single GOP and DEM candidate take a stand on the issue and commit as well as everyone who is currently holding office and not up for re-election this year. We MUST not let this issue die. If it fails in the Senate, it will not re-merge in a meaningful way ever.

This should be where we put our muscle while at the same time doing what the poster advocates.