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The gun owners vs. the power mad

It had occurred to me in the past how unfortunate it was that a large segment of the gun-owning populace were anti-Paul neocon types. You know, if anything ever went down.

Now, thanks to what happened at the Convention, the Palins/Malkins/Limbaughs of the world are irate at the oligarchs (for lack of a better term). And I bet they're taking a lot of their gun-owning followers with them.

I'm thinking all the gun-owning groups now lining up against the oligarchs, instead of some being against and some for, is a development that's worth noting.

Another development is that various States have been pretty badly shafted and insulted, and at least one Governor has taken a stand against it.

I'm not promoting anything, I'm just trying to think objectively about the chess-board we're on, as it were.

Combined with the fact that the DHS has clearly been gearing up for something big on the home front, it makes you wonder.

Was it a tactical error and desperation on their part? Or is economic collapse and civil war one step closer to "normalization," and total control by some dictatorial "savior"?

It's happened in plenty of other countries.

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