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Calling All Delegates, Pacs and all Liberty Lovers ! Please Rally To our Cause!

We Can Win With a "Write In Campaign"

If you really Want to fight for Freedom and Liberty Now is the time!


Whether you stay in the GOP and work from within, Switch to another party such as libertarian or anything

We can still Rally behind this cause ! Getting a Ron Paul Presidency in 2012!!!

If we can Bring together , Ron Paul Supporters ,Tea Party, Occupy Groups , Military Support , independents, Super Pacs , Ron Paul State Majority Delegates

We can Make this happen!!!

Please Please understand that the GOP and Democratic Parties are Private Organizations who can and will do as they please!

Our Rights Protected in The Constitution are not bound or governed by a political party PERIOD !

We can "Despite what some here believe in their states" Write in and Vote For any Person as President Period!

In Ron's Speech Below are Statistics Showing how much of a small percentage actually effect elections.


If anyone Wants to get involved please PM me or post what you can and are willing to contribute

Legal Advice
Web Design Graphic Design
State Delegation Organization
Joint Pac Fundraising
Local and National Sign Wave Campaigns

Please Feel Free To add to the list!

If you Really Want to Fight For Freedom and
you Really Want to Get The Message out

Then Let's make this happen and Make The Good Dr The Ross Perot of 2012

Worse Case IMO " The Cause Of liberty Message" Would Get To Millions More Sooner Than Later!

A Good Launch would Be Pulling Our Delegates Together
Especially those States that we "DID" Win the Majority in !

If we Could Rally Maine , New Hampshire , Nevada, Oklahoma and Get our People as Electoral College Delegates
We Would not be Bound to a candidate PERIOD!

also This Would Teach our Children By Example:
Your Vote Can Make a Difference
You Do Have a Choice!
and Most of all :
Those who Do Nothing allow themselves to be Dictated to by those who "do Something"

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My family and many friends

My family and many friends intend to write in Ron Paul.

On June 12, 2008 Paul announced he was ending his Presidential campaign. Even though Paul had dropped out of the race, he was still able to garner around 50,000 write in votes!! Fifty thousand votes and he wasn't even running! Those write ins earned Paul the eighth highest popular vote total in the election and HE WASN'T EVEN RUNNING!!!

Let's do this!

I'm in!!!

I have decent writing and research skill and decent speaking skills if that helps. Don't have any money but willing to do whatever I can....write letters, make phone calls, create signage etc.

This is beautiful...

I really hope this works... What are the chances you think?

Can we rally our troops one last time, and go out with a bang instead of a kick in the ass out the door from the GOP?

Are we gonna let those scum bags have their way?

ALL OF US have said we would do this if it came down to it... And it has...