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Student ID's

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My son started middle school last week.

They gave him a student ID and require it be used for everything including buying his PE clothes.

My parents took him to his first day because I had to work to pay the rent. They told me about that and I was outraged that a student ID was needed to buy a pair of sweats and a T-Shirt.

So I voiced my opinion to my parents.

Then last night my mom tells me there is a secret website I can go to where I can spy on my child.

So I tell her I'm not in the business of spying on my son and she hands off the phone to my dad who starts screaming at me that I made my mother angry and that when I make her angry I make him angry.

So I told him I don't appreciate being screamed at. I asked what he did when I was a kid before the internet. That DIDN'T shut him up pretty quick. He said "well you always did your homework" so I said so does my son. And asked if the internet was around when I was a kid and again, what did they do.

I told him that I will be conversing with my son's teachers and I don't need some secret spy website and I will do it in front of my child and not hide in the shadows. That shut him up.

I have a policy in my house. My son must read for 30 minutes every day. I think that's even more important than the junk they teach in school now. I teach him to read to oldest books he possibly can. He's a great kid.

Then today my son told me he's going to have to wear his student ID around his neck like dog tags.

You guys understand what dog tags are right? That means you are owned by the govt.

I'm a single dad. I've been raising my child alone all his life. I would opt out of the public school system but I can't. But this just seems really wrong.

Even if I rented a room I wouldn't be able to put him in private school let alone home school.

Am I being paranoid or is this out of control? Would you have your ID scanned buying a pair of sweat pants? They are indoctrinating our kids.

Like someone at work said the RFID chips in animals are just an experiment. I checked for a chip in the ID and there was none but the fact of the matter is my child will have to wear an ID on his neck with a bar code bugs me.

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One solution is to join School Site Council

But that won't do squat. I've already done that.

The principal in most schools won't do diddly.

They think you are a kook for suggesting ID not be required for everything.

Then everyone marginalizes you as some "right wing lunatic" when you are just a freedom loving patriot who refuses to spy on their own kid because you don't need to.

That's called being a helicopter parent and breeds weak children who can't think for themselves. My son surprised me this week and read over 250 pages of an Eisenhower biography. He asked what the Military Industrial Complex was. I was proud. So we watched Eisenhowers famous speech. He probably knows more about the system than the principal does. Heck, he probably knows more than I do.

Hell, he cried when he found out Paul couldn't run. Real tears. I was prepared. Children take things differently. He was truly sad.

I just think it's sick to make kids use their ID's to buy t-shirts or sweat pants. Why? That's disgusting. I never had to. I checked out library books with my signature and name as an adult. Why BUY something and have your name forever attached other than on the tag?

"They are ...

indoctrinating our kids."

No doubt about it. I feel for you.

Don't doubt yourself, you're not being paranoid. Solutions? Let me know if you find any.

We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.
-George Orwell


To buy clothes?

You have to go to the principal asap imo.