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Attention Delegates: Time for a FORMAL Press Conference

You need to do the following regarding the protest and walk out:

1) Schedule a time and place
2) Print up leaflets describing what its about, who is speaking
3) Hand the leaflets to all press with cameras.
4) PHONE all the local TV Stations. Phone all national stations
- post the details on dailypaul and ask for help calling press
5) Make a BIG SIGN saying "ROMNEY CHEATED/Rigged" for behind you.
6) Schedule it for Late in the day after convention business but before dinner time. 4 or 5pm so it can get on the air that night.
7) Prepare formal short statements. Pick a main speaker. Let them lead. Keep the speakers to a short powerful list of FOUR. Have a clear message.
8) Have a podium and Microphone set up
9) Make clear that something like this has never happened before never before so much cheating
10) Have a question and Answer session after
11) Hold it at a Hotel so you have control of who is there. (and so you don't have psychos screaming Romney Romney in the background). Ask the Paul Campaign for help if needed.
12) You need a list of demands. Never protest without a clear concise list of demands. [I would suggest a formal Apology on Television By Romney for Failing to Recognize Pauls Nomination and for expelling Maine as a starting point and also Demand he step down from nomination. Or demand all delegates reinstanted, pauls nomination recognized, and a revote]
13) You need your own security to control disruption if it happens
14) You have to pull this all off in one day it can't wait another day.

This is your last responsibility as delegates. I would strongly urge trying to get delegates in senior positions and also non-RP delegates to speak in your favor as well.

Remember to post here for help! Use the networks!

protest planning meeting at 1:00 p.m. at Hurricane in the Ramada in Tampa to set specific time, place and discuss media reach-out.

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Press conference is tomorrow


so far things have been chaotic. It needs to be well planned. I'm sure they will pull through with a clear message.

Not "Romney Cheated"

Off the top of my head i would go with the "Rigged" logo.

thats good too

as long as there's something..

I tried to write Brent Tweed on the Mainedelegates.com site... wish we had some group email list...