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Interesting. Is this real?

Did this really happen? I can't tell if this is mashed together, or what, but came across it reading an article on how the Obamas 'voluntarily surrendered' their law licenses.


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Something about the guys voice is off.

Sounds like he's acting like Obama instead of the real Obama talking naturally.

I seriously doubt it.. there is nothing backing it up and I think that has been floating around for a little while now.

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Yeah. When he says 'It's a


When he says 'It's a moot point now, anyhow,' it sounded off. Just wanted some other info. Thanks rp4.

Ads don't mean anything.

There's ads all over YT now, and others... I even get them when listening to my internet radio. Not typical ads, run by the individual station, but pop-up ads (Dish hopper) that run on my screen.

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this is still 0% evidence as I've already stated

I encourage you to be more skeptical of trivially fake-able evidence.

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I am. Hence the question,

I am. Hence the question, 'Is this real'. You would have seen that as part of the title.

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if things're unclear, then please peruse the previous posts

I've linked on the same subject.

Or others could talk about this some more here. After all.

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