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The Great Compromise

In 1787, it was not a certainty that our new nation would survive. States were bickering amongst themselves. Soldiers who had fought for years in the War for Independence marched against their own governments in order to stop the collection of taxes and forfeiture of property. The Articles of Confederation were clearly failing, and the victory over the British had nearly wiped out our fragile economy.

Delegates from large and small states, rural and urban, farming and fisheries met to put together our Constitution. It is this Constitution that Ron Paul supporters like you and me have fought for the past half decade. But the Constitutional Convention did not go smoothly at first. The Convention was in peril. Large states wanted a greater representation in the Legislature based on the argument that they represented more citizens. Small states argued, on the basis of states' rights, that each state should have an equal vote. Both sides were adamant, but they compromised with each other so that Liberty would survive.

When all was said and done, no delegate was completely happy with the final draft. Bitter divisions remained regarding slavery, a bill of rights, and the balance of power. But they moved forward for the cause of Liberty and our new nation. I urge all Ron Paul supporters, especially those who are in the public eye, to consider that in order for Liberty to advance, compromise is necessary.

We have a choice. We can either demand purity and remain on the fringe, or we can work with others to build a coalition for the advancement of liberty. Sure, it is a fine line. Yes, the GOP is corrupt. You bet, the rules get violated time and time again. But we can either complain in our little corner, or we can magnanimously set aside our grievances, and consolidate our small gains. Step by incrimental step, we may win others to our side and our nation back for Liberty.

We must stop eating our own. We must not make the perfect the enemy of the good. We must not remain so heavenly minded that we are no earthly good.

Remember, the Constitution that Ron Paul and we, his followers, have fought so long and hard for would not exist if it were not for compromise. Politics IS compromis, and it is time for us to learn the art.

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Huh? Can you please translate this into English for some of

us? What are you trying to tell us?


Who is saying we should "sit

Who is saying we should "sit in our little corner and sulk"? I am saying that we should be VERY aggressive in letting the GOP know that we will not reward their thuggery. We will not choose Romney over Obama. We will not accept their assumption that there is meaningful difference between Obamney and Rombama.

I will reregister GOP as soon as it cleans up its act and stops stealing elections, otherwise, I am just wasting my time.

We could have won so many states if this campaign had been driven by the grassroots. The Benton/Rand/Tate strategy did not work. It could never have worked. It did not demand respect.