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The Fantasy Of Media Being On Our Side Needs To End Now!

You guys are smarter than this. Do you really think Wolf Blitzer or Maddow cares about ethically honest journalism? The fantasy of media being on our side needs to END NOW! Here are two reasons that blow your delusional hopes out of the water.

1. They are attempting to harvest the crop: We know it wont work but they figure why not try to get us to vote for obama.

2. They hope and rely on Paul Supporters to posting this video of Blitzer calling out the corruption. Why you might ask? Its simple. We all have a need that wants to be filled. We all want justice and many of us are at the tipping point of going into action. Its like hunger. We become hungry and decide finally from the ache in our bellies that its time to go hunt.

Enter Wolf Blitzer. He convinces us sub-consciously to stay at home. he says "Its ok Paul bots, I am exposing the corruption.. you just rest your little feet" Some of us get just enough food from Blitzer Madow, and others that we are not hungry enough to be compelled to go out and hunt.

I feel some of us are like an innocent child in all this. We need to tell ourselves there is no Santa Clause! You have to go get your own rewards. The only way you will ever feel completely satisfied is if you go hunt for your own liberty.

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True, they aren't on our side, but could you please tell me how

you will get the word out to people who don't even listen to us?

Daily Paul?

Use them to our advantage. Don't just preach to the choir. You have to get the word out to everyone.


don't think that most of us feel that Maddow or Blitzer are on our side. We like it when they bring something up that the average idiot would never see outside of the idiot box. It works for us, not against us for the most part.